Hot off the Press



HOT OFF THE PRESS – Borrowing the expression from Newspaper history, describing ‘Hot News’ being the first page off the iconic ‘stone,’ for the editor to review…

Our aim is to provide textile prints rapidly and on a regular basis, by delving into our massive design library and simplifying the methodology in our sample format.

All can be custom coloured and are printed digitally at our production facility in Sydney. They available on any of our Base Cloths / Print Compatible fabrics.

Here are our latest Hot off the Press design collections…


Artisan – Additional Colourways


Folia, Folia Stripe & Silva


Bethany & Sutton

Lotta & Lola

Joker and Jester

Jaipur & Mehendi

Bentley & Beryl

Marrakesh & Tangier

Wombarra & Milla