Materialised Art Image Library

Acoustic Art

Materialised Art Image Library

Art can create ambience, evoke emotion, define a decorative style. Whether it’s for a hotel room or an aged care dining area, it’s important to find the right look and feel.

Materialised have therefore collated an extensive art image library, offering you the opportunity to showcase art on fabric, making it suitable for diverse applications. Ideas are endless, you could make a statement on a chair upholstered with a scenic view, a colourful abstract print on a bed head or still life paintings on feature cushions.

Our art images can be printed as placement prints or in repeat (image dependent) as fabric meterage. In addition, choose your art on an acoustic solution canvas… Acoustic Art!

Acoustic Art

They may look like a regular art canvas, but acoustic art panels can reduce the unwanted reverberating and echoing noise within a space, while also contributing a visual dimension in the form of artwork. As we all know sourcing images can be costly and time consuming, which is why we have brought the art gallery to you. . To find out more about our Acoustic Art click here. View our image library, click here.