Acoustic 2013 Conference Wrap Up


What an interesting week! Whilst attending Acoustics 2013, the annual conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, in a very pleasant resort in Victor Harbour, SA, I learned just how destructive noise can be.

I found one of the keynotes of particular interest – a presentation by Professor Kerstin Persson Waye from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her paper provided an introduction to the hospital sound environment and revealed that noise in most hospitals actually causes suffering and impedes healing. How crazy is that? The same is found to be true for education in spaces where acoustics are poor – noise impedes on learning dramatically. Between you and I – that sounds like most classrooms I’ve been in – but it shows that acoustics is a much bigger issue in design and architecture than I’d ever imagined. It is huge!

In following conversations with delegates, I often heard reference being made to the apparent conflict between acousticians and designers: designers don’t like brown blobs of acoustic absorbers on their walls and hence, no or very little acoustic absorbers are being installed. This should not be! We are all on the same side.

Materialised goes a long way to bringing peace to that conflict. Their acoustic solutions combine an amazingly versatile aesthetic element with a very effective noise control system called WhisperWalls®. Take a peek at their website to find out how simple and unobtrusive it could be to introduce acoustic walls and ceilings to your spaces and environment and be amazed.

Matt Eyes
Roving Reporting for Materialised

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