At Our Lady of Consolation (OLOC) in Sydney’s Rooty Hill, they’re all set to unveil a newly renovated residential wing complete with brand new gym, 12 bedrooms, dining room, various lounge areas and even a bar!

“We wanted to use colour to create areas of interest, warmth and a bit of a wow factor,” says Jenny Fahy, the Community Care Manager at OLOC.

With no previous design experience, Ms Fahy and CEO Barry Wiggins undertook the mammoth task of overseeing the renovation and refurbishment of the new residential wing.

Including a large foyer, 12 bedrooms, dining room, lounge area and gym, the refurbishment presented some unique challenges for the novice designers. 

While the functional gym area required relatively little interior designing, the huge foyer and lounge areas were another matter all together.

“We were conscious that the foyer was an incredibly big space with a lot of light,” said Ms Fahy. “So we wanted to furnish it in a way that didn’t make it seem cold.”

Far from cold, the foyer and adjoining lounge areas are furnished in warm, bright tones with defined areas that create a very comfortable atmosphere, with a modern twist.

“Because of the space I thought it was important to compartmentalise some areas without making it boxy,” continues Ms Fahy. “It was a real challenge to pick a colour palette that was neutral enough, but also had some vibrancy.”

It was in this area Ms Fahy was able to work with Materialised to develop a selection of fabrics that met the high performance needs of an aged care facility, but that also created a sense of light and warmth. 

The selection chosen featured waterproof upholstery fabrics, sheer and light reduction drapery as well as bedspreads and cushion covers.

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