The Brief.

Acoustic art has never looked so good as with the launch of the Boutique Event Cinemas experience in Sydney’s George Street.

“Event Cinemas wanted to build a unique cinema offering to its cinema patrons. They engaged “Edge Content and Technology” (Edge CT) to assist them in building these “boutique” cinemas. Edge CT collaborated with Speciality Theatre supplies and Materialised.” Anthos Simon, Managing Director, Edge Content & Technology.

Working with this talented group, our acoustic design and installation team printed and installed custom paparazzi and library images for the ground-breaking new cinema space. 

It took 3 weeks to perfectly pattern match and position the fabric so as to conceal penetrations like speakers. Working seven metres above floor level sure gave us a better understanding of Michael Angelo’s challenges!

Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls


Acoustic textiles demand two quite different functions.

As a drapery we aim to absorb sound and reduce reverberation, whereas an acoustic walling fabric, the textile needs to carry an image, whilst allowing sound waves to pass through the fabric into the absorber, described as being acoustically transparent.

Our print technology enables virtually all of the thousands of designs and colours in our library (or your imagination) to be applied to dozens of base fabrics, insuring the precise performance outcomes for any and every situation.

WhisperWall®, is our ‘site fabricated’ noise abatement system which presents as a tailored, texture or patterned upholstered wall, ceiling, artwork or promotional image. 

Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls

Paparazzi Auditorium

‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15-minutes’ – Andy Warhol’s infamous quote was the inspiration for this auditorium.

With 46 luxurious seats, black and white images of paparazzi give the illusion of being part of exclusive red-carpet glamour. What could be construed as wallpaper is in fact our high-end acoustic WhisperWall® art – elevating the bespoke experience by enhancing Event’s state-of-the-art cinema sound.

Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls
Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls
Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls

The Library

Similarly, the library, for 28 guests, immerses the cinema-goer in rich story-telling through shelves upon shelves of colourful books, referring to the millions which have been made into movies. This striking over-sized imagery doubles as functional, effective noise-reduction.

Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls
Boutique Event Cinemas, acoustics, WhisperWalls

The Results

“The staff at Materialised took on a major part of the internal installation, which included the printed artwork and acoustic insulation.  Their workmanship and attention to detail was, in a word, “extraordinary”. We could not be happier with the final outcome and I can’t thank Materialised enough. We will be working with them again on many projects.” – Anthos Simon, General Manager, Edge Content & Technology

The Team & Credits

With thanks to Boutique – Event Cinemas George Street; Edge Content + Technology and Specialty Theatre.

Materialised Team: NSW