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Carly Westbye Weave Up

WeaveUp featured Artist: Carly Westbye

We are so excited to show off our first ever WeaveUp featured artist, Carly Westbye. Carly has an incredible talent for illustrating. Luckily for us she now develops her drawings into textile prints for WeaveUp.  We had a little Q&A to find out a bit more about Carly and her process So Carly, tell us … continue reading

Global Nomad WeaveUp

WeaveUp Design Showcase: Global Nomad

This month’s WeaveUp design brief is Global Nomad. Thoughts of the land we live on and the beautiful Australian landscape sprang to mind when our team were selecting their textile designs. Barbara Brayovic, Textile Designer I chose 3 prints from our WeaveUp textile design tool which I felt fit the Global Nomad brief and incorporated … continue reading

WeaveUp Design Showcase: Organic Beauty

This WeaveUp Design Showcase is all about the warmth and comfort of earthy, terracotta tones, with soft curves inspired by nature. Bring warm and earthy elements to a room by using harvested materials like rattan and wicker in fixtures and furniture, and dry foliage such as grasses as décor. The WeaveUp prints we have chosen … continue reading

Modern Minimalism, WeaveUp

WeaveUp Design Showcase: Modern Minimalist

‘Modern Minimalist’ refers to an interior design trend and lifestyle that favours simple forms and a monochrome palette, creating a tranquil feel within a space. It is all about the purity and simplicity of shapes, forms and colour. A clean, uncluttered aesthetic where everything is intentional. This interior style tends to be high-end as it … continue reading

WeaveUp Design Showcase - A Dive Into Summer

WeaveUp Design Showcase: A Dive Into Summer

For our second WeaveUp Design Showcase we were inspired by Pantone Colour of The Year 2020, Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052 TCX) Images of this beautiful hue were saved to our pin board, evoking deep waters and endless summer skies. The theme was broadened to include different shades of blue ranging from ocean indigo to crystal-clear … continue reading

WeaveUp powered by Materialised

WeaveUp Design Showcase: Inspired By Nature

Our first in a new monthly WeaveUp design showcase series, we bring you an Inspired By Nature theme. With organic and natural elements this brief is perfect for bringing the outside in and embracing the design buzzword ‘biophilia.’ It draws on the Dulux 2020 Colour Of The Year, Tranquil Dawn. Brigitte Marlot and Barbara Brayovic … continue reading

Design Week

New Textures, Colours & Printing For Students, Sydney Design Festival 2019

As part of Design Week, Gary Price was invited to talk through Materialised’s capabilities as a leading supplier to the contract furnishing market at TAFE’s Ideation Skills Point centre in Parramatta. The majority of the audience were made up of students from Nepean Arts and Design Interior Design course. Others in the audience where interested creatives who had registered online as part … continue reading