DENFair 2017

Materialised was proud to be a part another hugely successful DenFair held in Melbourne. This event showcases product from Architecture & Designing and Furniture industries. Companies displaying their selection of the best furniture, lighting, textile, home designed object and homeware products targeted to Architects, Interior designers, Stylists, Media and Retailers etc. in the Architecture & Designing, Furniture industries.

This year Materialised chose colour to present our newest innovation WeaveUp. Large displays of LAB colour, repeated in the show bags, and seen again in the clothing the staff wore managing the stand. The vibrancy and the excitement that was generated attracted a crowd. Visitors and exhibitors alike were drawn to the colour and the interest from the crowd was exhilarating. We were fortunate enough to combine the expertise of local chair manufacturer Molmic. Molmic’s beautiful furniture pieces and their craftsmanship married with the our own customized Digitally printed fabric exemplified pushing the boundaries of furniture design. We thank them!

Materialised’s WeaveUp offers a solution that delivers Designers with fabric designs from all around the world direct from the textile designer, without the curation that would normally occur after many years of forecasting and assuming what might be successful. Materialised offered an already exhaustive Digital Design Library having lead the way in Digital printing for over 15 years. With the addition of WeaveUp, Designers now have unsurpassed creative freedom and control with easy accessibility to thousands of Designs, the hand-held tools to customize them, one meter minimums and the confidence of local fabric manufacture.

Materialised’s foundation as industry leaders in Digital Print and Innovation is already firmly placed. Known for bespoke and creative digital output, now with Materialised’s partnership with WeaveUp, the Design community can get a more comprehensively tailored experience, resulting in custom fabric- where the designer can choose the fabric, customize the colour and scale and even repeat, the client can then choose the base cloth their unique design is printed onto. The door is now opened for Designers to execute their creative whims into actual bespoke and unique pieces.


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