Miranda Brown © Kirsty Middleton Woman Magazine
Image by Kirsty Middleton for Woman Magazine

Miranda Brown

New Zealand Artist & Designer Miranda Brown is redefining new models of what it means to be a visual creative in the  21st Century.

Her dynamic portfolio extends across industries and platforms, offering a cultural narrative of our time with her nature-based illustrations and design work.

As a sustainable leader and storyteller, Miranda’s creative practice inspires audiences to connect with nature and reflect. Read more…

Meet the artist… Miranda Brown tells us about her inspiration and design process.

“Essentially my art and design is all about connecting people to the beauty of nature.”

Fabric & Wall Covering

Digitally printed on commercial-grade, performance fabric and wall covering, Miranda’s designs enhance wellbeing and inspire people to look after our natural world.

Framed Art

Miranda’s art is available as beautiful acoustic art for your commercial projects. Presented with a choice of quality frames.

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