Bringing the vibe of a glitzy Las Vegas resort to Perth’s relaxed beachside suburb of Scarborough was never going to be easy, but the Matisse Beach Club delivers bright lights and bold colours with all the confidence you’d expect from the famous desert oasis.

A shimmering pool, sun lounges, casual ottomans and palm trees capture the essence of poolside glamour while retro cabanas in brash colours are reminiscent of the old bathing boxes which once lined the beach.

More than just eye-popping colour and summer ambience, this project required intelligent design to combat the corrosive sea breeze. Remotely operated screens and tilted glazed walls offer protection from salty air while non-slip ceramic tiles, compressed fibre cement weatherboarding and high performance fabrics deliver functionality as well as style.

Materialised custom printed dozens of striking cushions with the distinctive Matisse Beach Club logo, adding to the vivid surroundings. The overall result is a lively and entertaining venue with design components that ensure prolonged performance without compromising the unique style of this hip beach club.

Oldfield Knott Architects / www.oldfieldknott.com.au

Editorial / Scoop Commercial Building & Design / www.scoop.com.au

MatBClub MBC1

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