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Fluorine is a natural element on the periodic table.

It isn’t anything new, but it has been in the news because it’s controversial. It’s used in many of the products we use many times a day – from toothpaste to clothing, cookware to smartphones – because it delivers the superior performance consumers demand.

Crypton Fabric is now 99.9% fluorine-free – tested and certified using test method AATCC189.

While more than 5,000 known substances contain fluorines, not all are the same. There are the “concerning” fluorines such as PFOA, PFOS and “C8” and there are “preferred” fluorines of no controversy, including some used in common pharmaceuticals.

And that’s what we’re interested in here at Materialised. To deliver high performance, ‘intelligent’ fabrics and also tread lightly on our planet.

Over 27 years, Crypton have been on a continuing mission to reduce fluorine in all Crypton fabrics. Today, the latest patented technology delivers the best stain protection and softest hand ever – with only 0.1% fluorine, Crypton’s lowest amount yet and a new industry standard.

And unlike the class of “concerning” fluorines composed of small, mobile molecules that can leach, Crypton uses a “preferred” form of fluorine – a large polymer durably bonded to the fabric’s fibres, safely encases and sealed to prevent migration.

Crypton fabric intelligence, chair upholstery

Committed to more than beautiful high-performance fabrics, Crypton promises best in environmental practices, upholding its commitment to continuously innovate to produce the highest quality fabric technology with the absolute lowest environmental impact.  

Our chemistry and philosophy have always focused on performance sustainability. It’s part of our DNA. Crypton was created to be the highest performing fabric in high traffic areas, one that by nature of its performance, extends its useful life. This latest breakthrough is indicative of our ongoing evolution and continued dedication,” says Crypton CEO, Lance Keziah. “And it does not stop here.”  

Crypton Fabric, 99.9% fluorine-free

Crypton’s intelligently evolved formula was informed by knowledge gained from Crypton’s C-Zero (fluorine-free) technology. Sharing formulations across technologies, enabled Crypton to evolve its core product to not only boast less chemistry, but better performance.

More performance for less means: less chemistry, more repellency, better stain resistance (oil & water-based stains) and higher durability, with a softer hand and still meeting or exceeding the most stringent test standards set for the contract textile industry.  

Crypton Fabric Intelligence, waterproof fabrics

Lifecycle Balance

Crypton utilizes highly engineered, fabric-specific processes to permanently seal patented performance technology into every fibre; the permanent bind of Crypton chemistry guarantees safe use and consistent performance. It is NOT a topical solution.

Crypton’s stain and moisture protection lasts the life of the fabric and can extend the useful life of case goods by up to 7 years.  

By extending the useful life, the cost and environmental benefits fall in line. Reduction in replacement and repair costs, plus reduction of use of non-renewable fossil fuels and natural resources – wood, water, energy, landfill waste, and carbon emissions – emissions of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.

Crypton Fabric, 99.9% fluorine-free

With Crypton you are ‘future-proofing’ your interior spaces. We invest our time and resources in planned longevity, not disposable technology. We believe that by using Crypton you are selecting the most environmentally preferable performance fabric. It is a longer-game approach, but by extending the useful life of fabric and furniture, you measurably reduce your environmental footprint overall,” says Michael Grigat, VP of R & D for Crypton.  

Read more about Crypton fabrics here. Read more about our 1993 introduction of Crypton to Australasia here.

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