Florence Broadhurst licence secured by Materialised

Materialised has just launched a selection of the iconic Australian designer of the 1970’s era Florence Broadhurst’s, prints on upholstery and drapery, after securing a licence from the guardian of her design library, Signature Prints.

Florence Broadhurst was mysteriously murdered in the late ’70s and has been the subject of movies and books about her contribution to Australia’s rich design heritage.

Product development manager Belinda Price confirmed five designs had been selected from the Florence Broadhurst collection to produce a contract range.

“They will be pitched at hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities, the type of areas that need a performance fabric,” she said.

It has taken eight years for Materialised to secure use of the Florence Broadhurst Print, an achievement Price suggested could extend the firm’s business into overseas markets.

“This is probably the biggest coup we’ve had, it’s very important and we’re honoured they’ve given us the opportunity to do this, as we share this amazing collection with other licensees such as Cadrys Rugs and Kate Spade” she said.

Price said Signature Prints would feature the Materialised product on its website, which could present opportunities from a global marketplace, while Materialised will promote the range through its established arrangements in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

“We’re hoping the fact that this range is Florence Broadhurst will broaden the appeal of prints and we want to expand our client base to architects and designers who haven’t found printed furnishings to their liking,” Price said.

Included in the range are upholsteries printed on Crypton®, drapery and wall panels invariably Flame Retardant and robust.

“We originally selected 10 to 15 designs and then narrowed those down to five, for the first salvo,” she said.

“We have a raft of colour options. In the first round of sampling, we had about 580 items in the collection.

Florence Broadhurst is such an iconic name and she has such a huge following across all generations, we’re pretty excited about the collaboration.”

Price stressed beyond the many options available their Custom Digital print capabilities had an immeasurable number of possibilities.

“We work closely with Designers and Specifiers to create items outside the sample format if they want,” she said.

The selection was launched in November 2011 and Price confirmed orders for major projects ranging from Hotels through to Senior Living facilities and Restaurants etc. are already being fulfilled.

For more information on Florence Broadhurst and the collection click here.


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