Hush sheer curtain revolutionises the acoustic experience

You’ll hardly believe the huge difference a simple sheer curtain can make to the acoustic amenity of a room. Hush sheer is a lightweight, translucent, acoustic textile, a combination previously unavailable for commercial spaces.

After a long wait, we have finally launched our new Hush acoustic sheer. Gary Price, founder of Materialised, started to work on this idea about 3 years ago. We spent hundreds of hours investigating a sheer drape, through this process he eventually encountered Hush.

Help the acoustics without heavy drapes

Materialised was looking for a solution that would help the acoustic amenity of a space without heavy drapes. We specifically focused on areas with lots of hard surfaces and beautiful views, where acoustic walling was inappropriate and where heavy drapes would annihilate the point of a magical view. We believed that a sheer could be developed using the same technology as our Microsorber product, which is a perforated film. From there, we developed the idea and this resulted in the Hush sheer.

The Hush range consists of three different patternsWavelength, Frequency and Soundcheck. The colour palette offers white and neutral, and was designed to suit almost any space without being the showpiece.

Amazing acoustic outcomes

Hush sheers cost approximately 40% of what a fixed WhisperWalls solution would. When you deduct that from what you would save on a regular sheer (such as tracks, making, etc…), the difference is minimal. However, the acoustic outcomes are amazing.

But hearing is believing, so watch a video demonstration of our Hush sheer product to form an opinion…

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