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Jacque Flash, digital textile printing

Hopefully the very name JACQUE FLASH will have given you a hint that I’m talking about Jacquard weaves and speed!

The Problem

Speed of delivery of acceptably-priced, Jacquard woven waterproof upholsteries plagues many of our clients. 

It’s very difficult to warehouse the right design in the right colour in significant quantities, and at a commercial price. Often the lead times can exceed 16 weeks or, pricing is astronomical!

The Solution

Our solution lies in our ability to rapidly respond by printing. 

Please take a peek at some of our recent solutions to meeting a time restraint whilst maintaining the Jacquard effect. 

Jacque Flash, digital textile printing
Jaque Flash, digital textile printing
Jaque Flash, digital textile printing
Jaque Flash, digital textile printing

Pick The Print!

Whilst we can’t and won’t copy, Materialised has a design library exceeding 45,000 images from which to draw designs that can easily be tweaked to closely simulate a woven product. 

That’s the JACQUE component. The FLASH deals with a very large inventory of suitable base cloths and our in-house print capability. 

We are masters of our promise!

The choice of name gives insight to the writer being influenced in their misspent youth by Mick Jagger. 

Send us your inspirations and we will gladly submit suitable samples, in a FLASH!

2 thoughts on Jacque Flash

  • Tammy PleysierDecember 12, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    Great solution and one we have used successfully in the past and will continue to utilise in the future.


    • Catherine McGowanDecember 12, 2019 at 5:49 pm

      Thank you Tammy that is wonderful feedback!


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