Materialised Premium


Materialised Premium comprises of carefully selected prints from designers and textile houses, both from Australia and around the world.

These special design collaborations include a regular array of fabrics and prints by P/Kaufmann, a leading high performance fabric supplier and our Materialised Image Library, a beautiful collection of art printed as repeats onto fabric.

We also have unique print collections from designers Florence Broadhurst, Marjatta Metsovaara and Lynne Tanner. Early 20th century Australia designer Florence Broadhurst, was years ahead of her time creating luxurious rich patterns by hand. While Scandinavian designer, Marjatta Metsovaara brings the courageous and colourful designs of the 50’s and 60’s to life. Our most recent design collaboration with Australian designer Lynne Tanner features bold, unique and beautiful designs.

Design collaborations ensure we can continually provide an exciting and diverse range of prints, perfect for any project, just look for our Materialised Premium logo.

Lynne Tanner

Florence Broadhurst

Materialised Image Library



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