Lynne Tanner

Lynne Tanner has been designing fabrics for over 25 years. Hers is a timeless style which her childhood spent near the Australian coast conspired to flavour with vibrant pattern, fresh colours and a unique sense of scale. Lynne has never been afraid to create a statement and her mid-century upbringing still pervades her creations, giving them a natural strength, happiness and optimism.

Lynne has always designed and printed her own fabrics, but it’s only when you talk with her that you discover a background covering a surprising variety of design disciplines. You will find that she started her design career with iconic glassware manufacturer Crown Corning as a surface/pattern designer, where her designs were destined for everything from cocktail glasses to cookware and packaging. Lynne then moved through the Sydney advertising, travel and promotions worlds before becoming Art Director of Woman’s Day in the late 1980s. A sea change to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in 1991 gave Lynne the freedom to experiment with fabric printing and upholstery design.

Materialised has collaborated with Lynne and are excited to be launching three of her designs into our Premium collection. Printed on demand with over 50 different base cloth / print compatible fabrics available, from sheer drapery through to robust upholsteries.

Lynne Tanner Prints

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