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The Australian Textile Industry

Australian Made

Over the past three decades we have seen the Australian textile industry all but disappear! The current industry is a shadow of its former self. Yarn spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers & finishers and printers gone!

Materialised is proud to be making progress in breathing life back into this important industry by adding value to textiles in the form of printing and the addition of performance finishes locally. More so, endeavouring to weave as many fabrics as possible right here in Australia.

Textile production and providing comfort and safety to humans predates history and has been incredibly important, even central to the development of the society in which we live. The Industrial Revolution is one example where textiles changed the course of history, which was started by the mechanisation of weaving looms.

Lynne Tanner on Zircon Peau De Peche
Australian Designer Lynne Tanner’s Wattle Aventurine printing onto Zircon Peau De Peche
Kink, Alessi Design Group
Australian Made Kink printed for Victoria University Teaching Labs designed by Alessi Design Group

Australian Made – More Than Just A Slogan

The Australian Made campaign enables us to have a much louder voice in delivering the message of keeping alive our local capability in every sphere of endeavour.

Our future independence depends on it!

Recent events have highlighted how vulnerable we have become as  a nation with our unbalanced dependence on foreign imported products.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the decline in our textile industry in Australia is the largest potential customer, The Australian Government, is nowhere near as supportive as they could and should be. That is an easy place to start!

Artisan Atoll, Zircon Zem
Hot Off The Press Sutton Lime and Artisan Atoll printing onto Australian Made Zircon Zem
Crown Furniture Artisan Atoll tub chairs
The complete package – Artisan Atoll on Australian Made Zircon Zem for Australian Made upholstery by Crown Furniture

The restoration of a viable, world-class textile production and associated fabrication of products, will take a concerted effort and cooperation between consumers, producers, educators and Government.

The Australian Made campaign is more than a slogan!

It’s a cry from our children and our children’s children for their future independence and prosperity.

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Australian Made Stream Gull
Australian Made Stream Gull cubicle screen