Video Tips On How To Best Use Our Website

Here we’ll show you video tutorials with tips and tricks. Also, for the best experience with our website which is built in the very latest Gutenberg WordPress editor, please make sure you are using an up-to-date web browser.

Which Web Browser?

  • Chrome is officially the world’s favourite web browser and our preferred one too.
  • Safari and Microsoft Edge are also fine.
  • Mozilla Firefox is OK but not the best for our site (some thumbnail images don’t always show)
  • Internet Explorer is not OK. It’s an old, discontinued browser and Microsoft urge people not only not to use it, but to delete it altogether. Read more here.

Why Do I Need An Up-To-Date Browser?

  1. SECURITY – newer browsers protect you better against viruses, scams and other threats. Outdated browsers can have security issues which are fixed in updates.
  2. NEW TECHNOLOGIES – new websites like ours use the latest technology which is best viewed with up-to-date browsers.
  3. SPEED – Every browser generation improves speed.
  4. BETTER EXPERIENCE – New features, extensions and customisability equal a better experience.

How To Use The Wish List

A great way to save your favourite prints, sheers, faux leathers and wallpapers on is by using the Wish List function. You can save multiple lists, share on social media, save to your Pinterest boards and save a PDF to help with the selection process.

How To Refine Your Product Search By Colour, Style & Other Attributes

When searching product from your desktop (as opposed to mobile) you can use filters in the sidebar to help narrow down the search to get the exact product you’re looking for. Filter by colour, style, application and whether the product is waterproof, Australian Made or antimicrobial, For example, a blue, stripy, non-waterproof upholstery print. Here’s how…