Global Nomad WeaveUp

This month’s WeaveUp design brief is Global Nomad. Thoughts of the land we live on and the beautiful Australian landscape sprang to mind when our team were selecting their textile designs.

Barbara Brayovic, Textile Designer

I chose 3 prints from our WeaveUp textile design tool which I felt fit the Global Nomad brief and incorporated Materialised Cre8 design Basketweave to coordinate with the prints.

I chose Abstract Paint Marking as my hero print; this beautiful design has colour customisation available with 8 options to change within the design. The colours I chose to use in this print were inspired by colours you’d see in the bush.

Global Nomad textile designs WeaveUp

Mirror Black was the stand out ‘tribal’ design I felt really worked as a contrast to the hero of this showcase. I chose to go with a contrasting brown tonal colourway, inspired by the earth and soil. Design Beaded stripe was chosen for its organic feel. A coordinate stripe is always a great addition to a collection of prints.

Global Nomad textile designs WeaveUp
Barbara’s WeaveUp designs were then digitally printed onto a variety of our base cloths

Julie Pham, Textile Designer & Acoustic Coordinator

Things that come to mind for Global Nomad are bold patterns and colours inspired by travels to exotic cultures. Influenced by the soil of the land, abstracted geometrics and textures take on shades of earthy tones to complete this story. The prints selected are a mix of distinctive yet simple patterns with the intension to make a statement and add personality to a room.

Global Nomad textile designs WeaveUp

Oresund Multi plays a major role with a modern take on a simple geometric print in which elements of it replicate the concept of mark making. Nippon has been simplified with fewer colours whilst Homespun with its imitation of a fine woven texture adds a touch of softness to the collection. Sticks ties it all together with it mimicking intricate markings that could be found on the desert sand.

By bringing together these elements of something raw and organic, it will hopefully evoke and add the feeling of comfort to any space.

Global Nomad textile designs WeaveUp
Julie selected beautiful velvets and sheer base cloths for her WeaveUp designs

You can follow our Design Studio in WeaveUp to see all of their Design Showcase collections, including Global Nomad, and even select these designs for your next project!

Global Nomad WeaveUp

Hello WeaveUp design tip

When looking for a particular design, search for various categories on WeaveUp, using key words such as tribal, organic, hand painted and stripes to find the perfect designs that work together. It is important to open any designs you are interested in using to double check if it is colour and scale customisable to achieve the look you are after.

Hand painted search WeaveUp

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