Modern Minimalism, WeaveUp

‘Modern Minimalist’ refers to an interior design trend and lifestyle that favours simple forms and a monochrome palette, creating a tranquil feel within a space.

It is all about the purity and simplicity of shapes, forms and colour. A clean, uncluttered aesthetic where everything is intentional. This interior style tends to be high-end as it is often synonymous with a carefully curated collection of timeless, statement pieces with a wow factor.

Think effortless and uncomplicated designs but with maximum impact!

Modern Minimalist design inspo
Design inspiration from Pinterest
Modern Minimalist mood board, Materialised design team
The Design Studio’s mood board

What Is Modern Minimalism?

Characteristics of modern minimalist house design include simplicity in form and function. Uncomplicated cladding and wall finishes. Clean, open, light-filled spaces. Simple detailing devoid of decoration. Strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture, and personality.

Important characteristics of minimalism include the repetition of simple geometric forms, like lines or squares. Early works tended to be monochromatic, or a limited palette of one or a few closely related colours. Many minimalist works are hard-edged, with clear, precise transitions between areas of color.

Modern is the precursor to both minimalist and contemporary design, and generally refers to pieces that are derived from the innovations of mid-century modern designers. In the middle of the 20th century core influencers such as Florence Knoll, Le Corbusier and Charles and Ray Eames shaped what “modern” design is today.

Pieces like the famous Eames Chair and Barcelona Chair are examples of modern design. They’re pieces that are still popular today and can run a true design aficionado as much as $5,000 or more per piece.

Julie’s WeaveUp Creations

Modern Minimalist, Julie Pham, WeaveUp

In response to a fast-paced and chaotic life, immersing oneself in a space that has been reduced to its necessary elements assists us in finding a sense of tranquility and freedom.

‘Modern Minimalist’ seeks to highlight effortless and uncomplicated designs that have ‘wow’ factor. The repetition of simple shapes and form partnered with an organic colour palette help create the feeling of warmth and wholesomeness.

Overall, it characterises the message of simplicity, where less is more.

Julie Pham, design flat lay

Base Cloth Selection

Julie selected the following base cloths for her WeaveUp designs (clockwise from top left)

Barbara’s Designs

Modern Minimalism, WeaveUp

Barbara’s collection of prints was inspired by creating a feeling of warmth in a minimalistic space. Often a minimalistic theme can be quite cold and clinical. “I was drawn to textural designs to add an element of depth and chose a warm, tonal colour scheme to evoke a sense of calm and cosiness” says Barbara.

Base Cloths & Co-ordinating Fabrics

Clockwise from top left:

Barbara's WeaveUp flat lay

See All These Designs On WeaveUp

Take a look at the designs in WeaveUp and you can also have a go at manipulating colour, scale and repeat of these designs for your own projects!

You can login here, or register for an account here.

Modern Minimalist WeaveUp
Hello WeaveUp design tip

WeaveUp Tip

The WeaveUp homepage has three permanent folders at the top of the page: My Loved Designs, My Designs and My Customised Designs.

So, you can save your designs to boards, Pinterest style!

WeaveUp boards

My Loved Designs: When browsing designs, clicking on the heart-shaped icon will place the design in this folder.

My Designs: All designs you upload automatically go into this folder. 

My Customised Designs: Every time you customise a design by changing the colour or scale, it goes in this folder.

WeaveUp design tip
WeaveUp tip
WeaveUp tip

You can also create a multitude of personalised folders and make them public or private. To do this, click on the tack pin icon on the side of the design and go to ‘create folder’ in the drop-down menu. You will also have this option when uploading a new design.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this WeaveUp tutorial! Do share your designs with us on Instagram, we would love to see!

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