This WeaveUp Design Showcase is all about the warmth and comfort of earthy, terracotta tones, with soft curves inspired by nature.

Bring warm and earthy elements to a room by using harvested materials like rattan and wicker in fixtures and furniture, and dry foliage such as grasses as décor.

The WeaveUp prints we have chosen marry well with textured fabrics, natural timber and luxurious marble patterns. Cozy colours are our palette with the brown-orange of terracotta; warm neutrals from sandstone to sienna red; burnt orange and clay tones; rose pinks and rusty oranges.

Organic Beauty Pinterest inspo
Organic Beauty moodboard

Angela’s Organic Beauty Collection

This collection of prints and plains was inspired by a connection with nature, highlighting organic forms and warm, earthy tones. There is an effortless simplicity in much of the natural world, which I aimed to reflect in the choice of designs, colours and tactile fabrics.

Organic Beauty WeaveUp
Angela's flat lay
WeaveUp Board - Design Showcase

Brigitte’s Design

I have chosen the design Latitude Multi Cre8. Originally a simple two colour design, I wanted to completely change its look by adding more colours, making it similar to marble.

Brigitte's organic beauty WeaveUp prints
WeaveUp textile design
WeaveUp organic beauty
Hello WeaveUp design tip

When uploading your design to WeaveUp, consider adding more colours than you actually need. This will completely change the look of your design, making it more versatile for your future projects. It will also allow you to create coordinates by playing with the scale and colour placement.

For instance, we were able to totally transform our Latitude design by making it an 8 colour print.

Latitude Cre8

It went from a simple linear design to a stripe with a cool marble effect, perfect for our organic beauty story!

And by taking it back to two colours again but differently placed, we made a very simple design that complimented our busier stripe perfectly.

WeaveUp tip Organic Beauty
WeaveUp tip
WeaveUp tip

Find the Design Board in WeaveUp here and if you don’t have a WeaveUp account, please register here.

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