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Our Design Team

Meet Our Designers

Our Talented In-house Designers

We are blessed with such talent at Materialised and our Design Team spend so much time on custom prints, colours and collections! Here we introduce you to our talented crew behind the scenes…

Brigitte Marlot

Brigitte Marlot

Skills / Background: I’ve always been interest in Art and Design so I  went to Art School where I studied Surface Pattern Design, Photography and Interior Design. I went on to become  a Textile Designer, working for Designs Studios in France, UK, and Australia. I created original artworks for the fashion, kids wear and home furnishing markets. In my spare time I love taking photographs.

I love a great variety of styles and techniques, from the delicate hand-painted wallpapers of the 18th Century to the bold and joyful florals of the 70’s , lush bark cloths… Too many to detail all! In my own home I favour quieter and simpler prints, inspired by Modern Scandinavian Design.

Favourite Print: Typoflora, Jungle Lush, a fantastic print by a fantastic designer! I love the soft and natural texture of Arizona. And Palermo Sugarcane is so luxurious (In the studio “everything looks good printed on Palermo” has become our catchphrase!)

Chloe Evans

Chloe Evans

Skills / Background: I always wanted to immerse myself in design, in particular textiles. Studying Textiles and Graphics A-Levels in UK, I then developed my skills further by moving to Australia to do my BA of Design at UNSW. 

Alongside my education I was also brought up by two very creative parents, both sharing their different sides of the brain. My mum was all about the freedom and playfulness with Art, whereas my Dad being an engineer was about creating things that follow precision and structure. 

It’s amazing how diverse textiles can be from one country to another, from the past to present there is just so much inspiration. Anything with lots of bold colours, I’m instantly drawn to it.  I like to still see elements of the handwriting when creating a digital print, the strokes of the paint brush, gradient from a watercolour and the markings from fineliners. 

Collections created: Siena / Arezzo / Lucca. Collaborated with the digital team and the external designers to create collections for Typoflora, Sara B, Jimmy Pike, Florence Broadhurst.

Favourite Print: Hailstorm – Plants on Palermo Sugarcane.

Barbara Brayovic

Barbara Brayovic

Skills / Background: I have a diploma in fashion design which I studied at St George TAFE which I finished in 2010. One of my favourite subjects was print design, focusing mostly on screen printing and dyeing. In my last year of study I completed a capsule collection and included custom screen printed designs inspired by anatomy. 

I’ve been working in the digital fabric industry for about 8 years now; I’ve worked in all aspects of digital sublimation printing and enjoy designing and creating colour combinations the most. I design prints for my own label Trulele – the latest collection was printed at Materialised! 

Favourite Print: One of my favourite Materialised prints is Jungle Forest by Typoflora. It is so beautiful and looks amazing on my favourite fabric Palermo Sugarcane.

Cathy Klees

Cathy Klees

I completed a bachelor of communication design At RMIT University in Melbourne, focusing on Graphic Design, Illustration and sculpture. Since uni, I have worked in a variety of design and project management roles. 

I am inspired by anything hand made. I love hand-drawn illustrations with too many different colours and textures. In my free time I am learning to make things out of ceramics, I just brought a wheel to practice on!

My favourite materialised print is Malabar – Honey which looks especially beautiful on Palermo or Ritz White Lace.