Commercial Workplace

Fabric & Wall Covering For Commercial Spaces

Workplace design has been completely re-defined as we move towards a post-pandemic phase of working.

The senses furnishings address in office and commercial spaces are to do with its acoustics, light control, comfort and aesthetics.

  • Acoustics, either as a means of decoratively covering absorbers on walls and ceilings, in the form of WhisperWalls and Acoustic Art, are a great way of delivering tranquility.
  • Window treatments as roller blinds or curtain can also give an improved acoustic amenity whilst managing light and heat transmission. We note that many offices are installing curtains to bring a softness to an otherwise austere space.
  • Seating is obviously important and textile upholstery adds comfort. Materialised was instrumental in introducing the now world-renowned waterproof textile upholstery, Crypton, to Australia and New Zealand. This fabric, in all its forms (textures, jacquard weaves and prints) delivers a high level of function whilst preserving the breathability and comfort one would expect from a textile.

Printed images on otherwise bland office partitions, transform a space.

Whatever area you design in which your client will spend big chunks of their time, the right furnishings will improve their experience.

Commercial Case Studies