Digitally printed wallpaper

Installation Guide


Only the highest quality paper and inks have been used to produce this wall covering. Care in wall preparation and hanging are vital to achieve the perfect finish. Due to this paper’s minimal expansion and contraction, a latex paste may be applied to the wall for ease of hanging.

Before Hanging

Check there is no visual difference between rolls. If in doubt contact Materialised.

Sealing Walls

Apply a good quality water-based wallboard sealer to the walls to be papered to ensure any impurities on the wall are captured and do not show through the paper. Note: it is our experience that incidents of marking and staining of the finished surface are caused by chemicals such as silicone and amines (now added to some paints and walling products). We recommend adequate sealing of the surface will minimise or eliminate this possible problem.


We recommend ROMAN ULTRA CLEAR 880 be sourced and used. Allow +/-1 litre per roll.

Lining Walls

We recommend cross lining walls with lining paper – helping to eliminate wall blemishes and enhancing the finished look.


Thorough preparation is important. Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease, dirt, mould, and any loose material. Any mould areas should be cleaned with household bleach. Check that your chosen latex paste contains an anti-mould additive.


Due to this paper’s minimal expansion and contraction, a latex paste may be applied to the wall for ease of hanging. Do not hang wallpaper over bare gyprock/plasterboard walls. Apply a coat of latex paste (diluted 30%). Over newly painted or existing walls, test an area to ensure there is no cissing or repelling and that the paste is being absorbed into the wall. Allow to dry – up to 2 hours in normal conditions.


Measure the height of the wall to be covered allowing for the pattern match plus 15cm for trimming top and bottom and cut the drop required. Note: Lightly moisten the back of the drop (use a spray/ mister if available) and allow the drop to rest while coating the wall with paste as noted in number 8.

Apply a coat of wallpaper paste directly on to the wall surface with a brush or roller, ensuring the area covered is slightly more than the width of the drop. Hang the drop from the top brushing firmly with a soft brush or sponge ensuring no air bubbles are trapped beneath. All seams should be butt jointed. Take care in butting the seams accurately and firmly. Do not overlap. The paper should slide into position rather than being forced or vigorously brushed. If you are having to force the drop into place there is insufficient paste on the wall. Any paste on the surface must be sponged off before drying. Carefully trim top and bottom with a straight edge and sharp blade. Rinse off whole surface, drop by drop with a wet cloth or sponge. Note: As the hanging process requires considerable paste, drying may take time to complete. Allow adequate ventilation and dry naturally. Air conditioning can cause wallpaper to shrink in the drying process. NEVER USE HEAT OR FORCE DRY. If you strike any abnormal problems with either the paper or the hanging, stop immediately and contact Materialised. We do not accept liability for more than the first roll.


This wall covering is washable using a solution of soap or mild detergent and warm water on a clean sponge or soft cloth. After cleaning, rinse the surface using clean water. Do not – spot clean, use abrasives or chemical cleaners. Florence Broadhurst wallpaper is either hand screen printed using traditional techniques or digitally printed. Please note that the hand screen printed variety may have slight imperfections which are inherent in a handcrafted product. Rolls are not returnable as they are printed on demand.