Karen and Pepa Shibori

Using a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting, bunching and binding cloth before dyeing it in indigo, Shibori duo Pepa Martin and Karen Davis’ designs are multi-layered and contemporary.

We are thrilled to bring you their collections Mineralism, The Place of Zen, and Archive Collection 01.

The Place of Zen

Shibori and Materialised transport you to The Place of Zen. A poetic collection of prints invoking creativity, nature’s architecture and sculptural form. This collection is made up of nine designs and one mural, suitable for a wide range of projects.


Shibori’s Mineralism collection celebrates the wonders of Australasian minerals and the diversity of their creation. Five designs are available in three colour palettes, printable on our fit-for-purpose furnishing textile and wall covering substrates.

Mineralism Collection

Part 1 – Karen shows us her favourite design from their first collection and demonstrates the Shibori technique.
Part 2 – Pepa talks us through the beauty of Shibori and what makes this collection so special.
Shibori Mineralism cover

What exactly is the ancient art form of shibori and how does it translate to digital print? Read the whole story on our blog or take a look behind the scenes when we visited Karen and Pepa at their studio in Stanmore, Sydney with our videos above.