Woods Wallpaper

Woods wallpaper installation

Installation Guide

Instructions for the installation of our Woods Wallpaper collection.

Surface Preparation


The General Contractor shall see that the surfaces are true, smooth, level finish, free from cracks, dirt, dust, irregularities or rough spots. Walls are to be thoroughly dry before application. A good quality acrylic primer-sealer should be used to seal walls for easy future removal.


Remove old wallpaper. Check wall surfaces to insure that it is smooth, clean and dry. Enamel paint should be dulled and sealed. Old paint should be checked for sound adhesion. For any other surfaces, check with your local representative.


  1. Before cutting, examine pattern, colour and shade lots to determine that it matches approved samples. No allowances will be given for cut material.
  2. A heavy-duty clear adhesive should be used by the wall covering contractor.
  3. For best results, environmental temperature should not be below 13°C or exceed 24°C. Paper-backed fibre materials require a minimum of 5-8 minutes booking time (pasted sheets folded together} to allow materials to expand. Should bubbles occur while hanging, check carefully the amount of booking time allowed. DO NOT crease when booking material, as damage will occur.
  4. We suggest that the material be double cut. When double cutting, we recommend that 5-8 cm wide strips be placed behind the seam to stop scoring or cutting into the wall. After double cutting, peel out the strip, pat down the seam and wash off excess paste with a wet sponge and clean water. Lightly roll seams to set in place. Hard rolling can cause a sheen on the seam.
  5. Use strips in exact order as they are cut from the roll. Fill in over doors and windows with strips cut in consecutive order from the roll. Hang only 1-2 strips at a time.
  6. Smooth material to hanging surface with soft bristle to eliminate air bubbles and ensure adhesion.
  7. After applying three strips, if there are variations in colour and/or pattern match, this should be immediately communicated to the distributor representative for inspection before proceeding further with installation. Natural wall coverings will tend to lightly panel on occasion.


General maintenance can be achieved with periodic dusting or vacuuming of this product. Most stains and marks can be eliminated with commonly available aqueous household products. Avoid solvent base cleaners. Test first in an inconspicuous area.

Special Note

These wall coverings have been manufactured to the highest quality standards possible. However, it should be noted that some items by their nature, require additional care in handling and installing so as to provide an acceptable wall finish. As with all organic materials, irregularities are a normal occurrence that enhance the hand made appearance.

Date: September 2022