Antimicrobial Fabric

The demand for antimicrobial fabric has never been greater. Here at Materialised we offer a diverse range of products in this category, ranging from Australian-made antimicrobial cubicle screens to performance fabrics with integrated antimicrobial technology.

Delivering Over 750 Antimicrobial Fabric Choices

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Crypton Fabrics


Silver Ion

What Does Antimicrobial Mean?

Antimicrobial products kill or slow the spread of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi such as mould and mildew.

The manufacturers and mills have selected the most appropriate finish for their product, hence the variety of brand names on our antimicrobial fabric. There are also some products that are inherently antimicrobial (i.e. no ‘finish’) such as Silicone.

The detail below will help with an understanding of these features.

Durable, Mill Applied, Antimicrobial Fabric

When we talk about our antimicrobial fabrics, we’re dealing with a variety of mill applied durable finishes which provide long-term antimicrobial performance, often lasting the lifecycle of the product. Here is an overview of different antimicrobial fabrics and finishes in our range.


Aegis can be found on our Canasta cubicle screen products.

Antimicrobial Aegis, Canasta
Pictured from top: Canasta Monaco and Undersea.

AEGIS Microbe Shield® is a full spectrum liquid antimicrobial suitable for use in a wide range of urethane cross-linked chemistries including urethane foams, coatings, and Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) processes.

AEGIS® technology is an easy to process liquid formulation that can be pre- mixed into polyols and provides excellent antimicrobial activity in finished products and long-term stability and durability in polymer applications. AEGIS® Antimicrobial forms a long-lasting antimicrobial polymer that penetrates and bonds to the microscopic pores of any hard or soft surface to form an optically transparent protective shield. Microorganisms are attracted to the coating’s positive charge and quickly die upon coming into contact with the surface.

AEGIS shield inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces by neutralising the microbes’ natural cell wall protection. The antimicrobial treatment creates a bed of spikes that can puncture the cell wall of pathogens deposited via air or touch.

  • The unique properties of AEGIS® Antimicrobial allow permanent bonding of the product to any surface to which it is applied.
  • As long as the surface is kept clean with normal cleaning procedures, the surface will continue to fight any microbial growth.
  • Does not rub off or migrate onto the skin.
  • The confidence of more than 25 years of safe and effective use.
  • Fabrics tested with Aegis have demonstrated antimicrobial performance for up to 30 industrial washes.


We have over 300 Crypton fabrics in varying colours and textures.

Antimicrobial Crypton fabrics

Crypton is a finish which is mill applied to high-abrasion and high-tear strength fabrics. It offers the assurance of antimicrobial (& stain-resistant) technology permanently bonded, for the life of the fabric.

Crypton prohibits the growth of moulds, like Aspergillus niger, and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E coli, and MRSA, as well as viruses like HIV and Hepatitis. Our fabric process also includes chemistry that prohibits bacteria and mould from spreading.

Crypton possesses Silver Ion Resistance to Bacterial Growth (ISO 20743) and Odour Resistance Resistance to Fungal Growth (AATCC 30)

In addition, Crypton Fabric, when used in conjunction with EPA-registered Crypton Disinfectant and Deodorizer, creates a disinfectable system killing MRSA, HIV, E Coli, Hepatitis and many more bacteria and viruses. Crypton Disinfectant & Deodorizer is an EPA-registered, hospital-like quaternary disinfectant that eliminates odours and is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, mould, mildew and fungus. It is the ultimate tool to target the germs and bacteria found on surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools and offices.


Fresche can be found on all our cubicle screen products, (except Canasta which features Aegis, and BLOX which has an integrated antimicrobial solution called Silver Ion) as well as our Zircon jacquard collection (Zircon Pin, Downtown, Sussex, Dot and Connected) and IN/OUT waterproof outdoor fabric collection.

Antimicrobial Fresche
Pictured: Bento Olive

Fresche Bioscience SI QAC antimicrobial treatments function by penetrating and terminally destroying the delicate cell membrane of bacterial and fungal organisms. This is effectively achieved by mechanically setting a series of molecular “road spikes” on a surface, which attract and destroy pathogens through a process known as lysis.

FRESCHE-TEX is a new generation multi-benefit, high-performance treatment for natural and synthetic textiles and fibres. FRESCHE-TEX has a non-chemical mode of action, and it will not leach from the textile substrate or deplete in microbial efficacy. It is green, clean, sustainable and completely safe for people, pets, plants and the environment.

  • FRESCH-TEX “locks and bonds” to treated textiles and fibres, where it delivers continuing, broad spectrum bacterial, fungal, mould and odour control.
  • As Fresche is not consumed by the disinfection process, it delivers continuing, safe, durable, high-performance microbial protection of the treated textile.
  • Does not leach from the treated surface on which it is applied, and therefore it will not deplete in microbial performance or efficacy.
  • FRESCH-TEX active destroys bacteria and fungus by mechanical mode of action and not chemical interaction. This mode of action ensures terminal control of harmful micro-organisms, and will not promote the building of microbial resistance
  • Clean, fresh and odour free, textile retain their ‘newness’ longer.
  • Fabrics tested with FRESCH-TEX have demonstrated antimicrobial performance, even after 50 industrial washes which is critical for fabrics such as bed screens and bedspreads.


HealthGuard® is found on Zircon Ayre, Zircon Zem, Zircon Peau De Peche and Zircon Linen – our waterproof printable base cloths.

Zircon Zem
Printing onto Zircon Zem at our HQ in Blakehurst for Crown Furniture upholstery.

HealthGuard® is a concentrated antimicrobial fabric finish especially formulated for use in the textile industry, to protect a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast, mould and algae’s.

It is used on our Zircon fabrics which have a waterproof membrane on the back and a soil-release finish on the surface, along with the HealthGuard® antimicrobial finish which is applied in Australia.

  • A safe, non-invasive, bi functional anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatment which increases product life-span.
  • Can be applied with fluorocarbon finishes, flame retardant finishes and all resin systems and softeners normally used in textile finishing.
  • A non-irritant with no side effects and does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).
  • Does not contain heavy metals like TriButyl Tin Oxide (TBO) or Organo Chlorines.
  • It is safe for humans and the environment. When treated articles are disposed or discarded they rapidly biodegrade and leave no harmful residues for our future generations to inherit.
  • Eliminates Golden Staph, MRSA A129.
  • All testing of treated articles is carried out externally by Universities and accredited testing institutes for quality assurance credibility purposes.

Our HealthGuard® antimicrobial treatments are tested to the following standards:

  • SNV 195 920 1994 for bacteria testing.
  • SNV 195 921 1994 for fungi testing.
  • AATCC 147 1998 for bacteria.
  • AATCC 147 1998 30 modified for fungi.
  • NCCLS 1997 from Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong which clearly exhibits a full and clear killing of MRSA bacteria on treated fabrics, after 50 hospital launderings.

Coated Fabrics / Faux Leathers

Faux leathers need to be treated differently to woven textiles. Antimicrobial fabric protection is integrated in the surface finish.


PreFixx can be found on Element, Grand Sierra, Laurel, Safe n Soft, Venue, Vevell, Vista and Weave products.

Image: Vista Sequoia on HFA upholstery for BlueCross Cresthaven

PreFixx protective finish is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of hospital, contract and institutional settings. As part of a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting program, upholsteries with PreFixx are an important component in the battle to control and reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI).

PreFixx protective finish contains antimicrobial agents to protect the upholstery by providing resistance to the growth of many types of bacteria and other microbes which may be present in healthcare settings.

Antimicrobial properties are built-in to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect the product. The antimicrobial properties protecting the upholstery should not be relied upon to protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms.

TO VIEW ALL ANTIMICROBIAL FAUX LEATHERS: Click on ‘antimicrobial’ under ‘Filter By Special Finish’ in the sidebar of the All Vinyls / Faux Leathers page.

Integrated Antimicrobial

Silver Ion

BLOX antimicrobial silver ion

BLOX is our modular, non-disposable cubicle screen system which features antimicrobial Silver Ion, an integrated technology embedded into the polymer at the time of extrusion and effectively locked into the yarn (not on the yarn), ensuring whole of life efficacy.