Fabric Retailers

Not A Trade Customer? Ways To Purchase Our Fabric

Ways To Purchase Our Fabric

Not a trade customer? Not a problem! Whilst Materialised services commercial contract markets, there are many great businesses that can help you with your home / residential projects.

  • Contact your local upholsterer, curtain manufacturer or Interior Designer who will be able to chat with you about your project, assist with design/colour/measurements and buy on your behalf.
  • For custom foam bench seats and covers as seen on Three Birds Renovations, head to The Foam Booth who made these for us. They have many of our fabrics on their website as well as samples in their two Sydney showrooms.
  • Go to Grace Garrett for ready-made cushions from all her collections.
  • Head to Patricia Braune for custom-made cushions and sampling.
  • Bedheads in Three Birds Renovations House 12 and 13, see Create Estate.
  • Sibella Court’s textile and wallpaper collection can be purchased from her website The Society Inc.
  • Go to Shibori for fabric, wallpaper, cushions, masks, throws and all things shibori.