Sina Pearson

Celebrated in the United States for her exuberant colour palette, Sina Pearson’s complex textures and lively, accessible patterns gracefully complement one another. A visionary designer and entrepreneur, Sina has set industry standards for sophistication and technical innovation.

One of the very first to infuse a jolt of high style into the contract realm in the 1980s, she has also added her savvy stamp to institutional, hospitality, healthcare, public spaces and residential settings.


Sina Pearson Textiles

Sina Pearson Textiles

Beauty and function combine with Sina Pearson’s stunning collections of woven textiles that meet the most demanding high-performance requirements.

Sina Pearson’s textiles have a point of view. Each collection tells a story, and her inspirations are far flung. 

We house some of Sina Pearson’s collections online but the best way to view them is to make an appointment with your Project Manager at your local Materialised Design Studio.

Bring your hard finishes and ideas, and we will guide you through the Sina range.

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Palm Springs Weekend Outdoor Collection