Textiles, Wall Covering & Art

Looking for a solution for walls, seats, beds or windows for your hotel or hospitality design?

Backed with 40 years of commercial industry experience, Materialised offer beautiful, durable furnishing textiles, wall covering, acoustics and art to satisfy your budget, style and function.

Materialised’s in-house digital printing capability delivers world class product, on time and within budget. 

We facilitate your unique aesthetic with our long-lasting products backed by generous warranties.

  • Cleanable & durable.
  • F.R. to Australian/New Zealand Standards.
  • Expertise in Hotel and Hospitality markets.
  • Whole room solutions.
  • Restaurants and reception areas.
  • Hallways and back of house.

Renowned for our ability to customise and source to suit any brief, our products are placed in hotels all over the world, giving you design edge and competitive advantage.

Materialised Hospitality Case Studies