A Modular, Sustainable Cubicle Screen System

BLOX is a modular, non-disposable cubicle screen system by Materialised.
Australian. Sustainable. Cleanable. Flame Retardant. Antimicrobial. Antibacterial. Cost-Effective.

BLOX is a win for everyone… Patients, facility operations, staff, our country and our planet!


What is BLOX? Watch our video…

BLOX modular cubicle screens
BLOX modular cubicle screen brochure
BLOX modular cubicle screen Materialised

Frequently Asked Questions

BLOX FOAM modular non-disposable cubicle screen system

BLOX is a patented modular cubicle screen system developed by Materialised.

You can read more about the motivation behind developing this patented product on our blog.

Silver ion is integrated technology embedded into the polymer at the time of extrusion and is effectively locked into the yarn (not on the yarn), ensuring whole of life efficacy.

  • Finished curtain size: 200cm x 200cm.
  • 3cm hem all around piece.
  • 16 buttonholes in total. 
  • Thread: 100% Polyester, white.
  • Customised care label secured to the bottom right.

The name of the facility is included on the label for asset management. Facilities can document the laundry dates with biro.

The minimum order is 1 unit.

To calculate the number of BLOX modules you require, measure the track length and add approximately 20% for fullness and divide by two.

BLOX is packaged in a box that fits 6 curtains. The box is lined with a compostable plastic liner to keep the cubicles protected and clean. If we receive orders of less than 6 units, we adapt the box or send individually bagged.

Yes, this is considered a custom item and would need to be quoted individually. Please contact Materialised for your specific requirements.

Yes, we can use other designs. However, fabric would need to be woven in the same construction, including the silver ion yarn, and a minimum of 100 units is required. Please contact Materialised for your specific requirements.

We produce BLOX against orders as the care labelling is customised for each property / facility for laundry tracking. This is one part of the patent on the product and is added at the time of manufacture. 

We hold stock of the fabric so generally allow 3 to 4 weeks for orders, but firm lead time will be quoted on request based on the number of units. 

No. Hooks are available through the company supplying the tracking system.

BLOX is easy to install. In each box we provide an example of the overlap on each curtain when installing.

BLOX has a 10-year warranty. Full warranty details are on our website.

BLOX is proudly woven and manufactured in Australia.

Simply go to our product page and select the samples you’d like.

If you’re a wholesale client, send your order request through to or contact your local office.

If you’re an end user, contact your local office for a list of distributors in your region.

BLOX curtain modules