Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film – Artistry In Every Pane

Unlock infinite design possibilities with our self-adhesive decorative window film, offered in a clear or frosted option.

What Is Window Film?

Window films are thin, adhesive-backed materials applied directly to glass surfaces to modify their properties. They are available in a variety of patterns and designs, adding visual interest to windows while maintaining privacy.

We offer both clear and frosted backings for the designs, preventing visibility from the outside while allowing natural light to enter the room.

Design Options

Select any design from our print library. Choose either ultra clear or frosted base substrates for the designs.

Our window film is printed and supplied as lineal metreage on a roll. It is therefore specifically for decorative design applications as opposed to door signage with room numbers, for example.

decorative window film, ultra clear
Patricia Braune’s Nobilis Palm Tropical
printed on ultra clear window film
decorative printed window film
Lizzy Stageman’s Marrunga Yubaa Sweet Rain Original
printed on frosted window film

Printed In Sydney

Our Eco-friendly, direct-to-substrate digital printer uses solvent-free, VOC-free, GREENGUARD Gold certified inks. Our films are supplied as continuous metreage or to your exact specifications.

ultra clear window film with pattern
Walking The Wire by Grace Garrett printed on ultra clear window film

Decorative Window Film FAQ

We do not print white. We only print CMYK.

As we don’t use white ink, anything white in the design is void of ink so the substrate base shows through.

We can show you colour charts to help illustrate how the colours will appear.

Depending on the size of your project, yes! Materialised has an in-house design team and we can quote on custom projects once we have a printable high res file, dimensions and project details. Please get in touch with your Project Sales Manager to discuss requirements.

If you wish to have text or your logo displayed on the exterior of a window while installing it inside, we can employ a mirrored technique. This way, when printed, the text will appear correctly for individuals viewing it from the outside.

No. We print by the lineal metre. It is supplied on a roll with the standard bleed (unless advised otherwise by the installer). We do not offer the product trimmed.

Most wallpaper installers should be able to handle window film. Signage installers are another option. Please contact us if you would like recommendations.

It is recommended that the surface is dust free, oil free, smooth and flat. The application method is ‘wet apply’ for both frosted and ultra clear options. The water helps to make the installation of the film easier, allowing movement to get it into position, without it adhering too quickly.

TIP: Ensure the windows are very well cleaned, and dry, prior to the installation (otherwise dirt can affect the adhering and the finished look).

The window film can take up to a day or two to completely dry, depending on the location.

It is normal to get air bubbles during the installation. A squeegee is used to remove these.

Our printed window films are for indoor use only.

Here is a PDF of the lightfastness / UV report but note that the Australian environment is much harsher than the rest of the world and is subject to our climate and positioning with the sun. 

Clean only with mild soapy water. No harsh chemicals.

As with any quality product, proper care and maintenance will extend the useful life of your window film and help maintain its original beauty and finish.

You can view and download a PDF of full window film cleaning instructions.

There is no warranty on film products once installed. If the product is faulty, please get in touch with us with details and images to review this.

As with our wall covering, window film is not an indestructible product. If you scratch it with a sharp object, it’s going to damage. And so it needs to be handled with care.

Production Lead Times

Window film is printed on demand in Sydney. It has a production timeframe of approx. 7-14 business days.

How To Order

Contact your Project Sales Manager for an appointment at one of our Design Studios, or contact our Customer Service team on +61 2 8558 3500 /