Childcare Centres

Childcare Centres – Interior Furnishing Solutions

Designing childcare centres with a focus on social and environmental sustainability is crucial for creating a nurturing and holistic learning environment for young children.

The impact of these design considerations in childcare goes beyond aesthetics, influencing the wellbeing of both the children and the broader community.

“There is growing appreciation of the significant role that good design can play in education with increasing evidence that learning outcomes are closely related to the quality of learning environments. Factors such as air quality, ventilation, natural lighting, thermal comfort and acoustic performance have been shown to have a profound impact on learning, engagement, social interactions and competencies. They also contribute to wellbeing…” – Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Childcare planning guideline, October 2021.

Child development and wellbeing

  • Health and Safety: Sustainable design promotes the use of non-toxic materials, clean air, and natural light, creating a healthier indoor environment that is essential for the physical well-being of children.
  • Connection to Nature: Incorporating natural elements and biophilic design principles, positively influencing cognitive development and emotional wellbeing.

Smart furnishing textiles, wall covering & roller blinds

Understanding the balance between functionality, design and innovation.

  • Flame retardant
  • Sustainable options with recycled content
  • Durability through fit-for-purpose and ease of maintenance
  • Improved indoor environmental quality through low VOC and CleanAir technology
  • Acoustic solutions with high NRC rating

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