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Wall Covering

Wall Covering Wow!

Decorating walls is not a recent phenomenon, it has been a practice in personalising our dwellings for thousands of years! Whatever you require in wall covering, we’ve got you covered.

Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper

Iconic Australian Wallpaper Designs

We have recently introduced the capability to print directly onto what is known as ‘wallpaper.’ Nowadays it is actually a robust composite of synthetic and vegetable fibres, solving the once annoying shrinkage of paper. The inks are water-based inks and the substrate is degradable. All printed in Australia, on demand! Our vast collection of Florence Broadhurst wallpapers won’t disappoint!

Custom Wall Vinyl

Customised Wall Vinyl Printing

Any of our textile designs can be digitally printed onto our wall vinyl substrates of varying textures. Or, choose from our range of ready-to-go textured plain wall vinyls.
All are suitable for commercial application and meet FR standards, as you would expect from Materialised.

Ready-To-Go Wall Vinyls

Readymade Wall Vinyls

Choose from a wide range of textures and effects from our readymade wall vinyl collection. Durable and waterproof, anti mildew, water-based, low VOC inks.

Wall Murals

New To Materialised

We have collaborated with Shannon from Typoflora for our first collection of wall murals offering stunning hand drawn florals and botanicals with water colour elements.

Wall Art

Canvas & Acoustic Art With Frame Options

Art has the ability to utterly transform a space and doesn’t need to cost the earth.
We have inexpensive options for your interiors, as either standard canvas art, acoustic WhisperArt® and now with or without floating shadow frames.

Operable Walls

Design & Functionality Combine

Operable walls present opportunities to add character to a room with subtle texture or a bold design statement. The fabric needs to be robust to withstand the rigours demanded of such mobile panels… Stability, resistance to adhesive penetration, appropriate Flame Ratings and ease of cleanability.


Acoustic Walls On Steroids

With WhisperWall® the acoustic solution now can double as an integral part of the interior design. The profile has 82 different configurations enabling mounting in a wide variety of effects and depths of absorber

Art & Frame Shop

Textile Art & Shadow Frames

We have curated a collection of art images, printable on a selection of our textiles – both acoustic and non acoustic. You can also now select timber floating shadow frames to finish off the piece beautifully. Add some wow to your walls!

PVC Free Wall Covering

Sustainable Wall Covering Solution

Materialised offer a range of wall covering plains that are PVC free, sustainable and made from 100%  Thermoplastic Olefin.
Choose from a variety of timeless and classic designs and colours.

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