Vinyl Wall Covering – Type III

Nordic Washed, Hard Knocks decorative Type III wall covering

Type III is a classification of wall covering that meets a specific standard of durability. It’s all about the weight of the vinyl which is designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. It is suitable for high-traffic areas in hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Type III Wall Vinyl

Hard Knocks is a collection of 35oz high impact wall vinyl called FLEX, available in an array of designs. This heavy-duty vinyl is woven-backed, flexible and features a protective acrylic top coat. It is best suited for high-traffic, high impact areas subject to abrasion, soiling and wear such as healthcare and educational design applications.

Key Features

  • Type III, high impact wall vinyl called FLEX
  • 10 designs, multiple colourways
  • Low emitting material
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Disinfectable
  • Width: 132cm 
  • Weight: 35oz
  • Flame retardancy: AS/NZS 3837-1998, Group 2
  • Sold by the roll / half roll (not by the metre)
  • Coordinating Corner Guards
hospital high impact wall covering
A selection of Hard Knocks Type III wall vinyl samples with coordinating cubicle screen fabric.

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Corner Guards

Once your walls are protected with our Type III wall vinyl, go one step further to protect your walls for years to come.

Scratches and dents are common occurrences in most commercial environments. That is why we offer corner guards to protect the edges of your walls from the inevitable abuse of high-traffic areas. Learn more about wall corner guards and protectors.

Corner Guard corner protector
Complete the protection of your walls with corner guards in colours that compliment your chosen Type III wall vinyl selection.

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