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Textiles & Wall Covering

The mission of Momentum is to create textiles and wall covering that inspire and equip customers to execute great work for their clients. 

Momentum is rated by Fabrics & Furnishings International Magazine as being the largest contract fabric supplier in the world!

For many years, Materialised has represented this massively influential company in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership enables our clients to access a wonderful, adventurous, high-performance, sustainable array of textiles and wall covering.

Materialised strives to make and maintain alliances with like-minded companies, and our relationship with Momentum epitomises that!

Whilst we have hundreds of Momentum textiles and wall covering online, you can see many more in our Design Studios. Book an appointment to meet our expert team who can help you select samples for your project.

The Momentum Group

The products we carry comprise of the entire collection of upholstery and wall covering:

  • Momentum – Commercial upholstery fabric with a vast collection of stunning plains, patterns and textures. Perfect for office fit-outs, restaurants, hotels and public spaces (indoor and outdoor)
  • LoomSource – Patterns that specifically address mid-range hospitality projects.
  • Sina Pearson – Celebrated in the United States for her exuberant colour palette, complex textures and lively, accessible patterns that gracefully complement one another.
  • PVC-free TPO wall covering
  • Magnolia Home wall vinyl – coming soon.
  • Handcrafted wallpaper – coming soon.

Sina Pearson has contributed to Momentum’s Design output and in recent years her company amalgamated into Momentum, creating a significant force in our textile world.

Sina Pearson, Momentum
Sina Pearson

Sina Pearson Bio

Sina Pearson is a visionary designer and entrepreneur who has, for nearly three decades, set industry standards for sophistication and technical innovation.

One of the very first to infuse a jolt of high style into the contract realm in the 1980s, she has added her savvy stamp as well to institutional, hospitality, health care, public spaces and residential settings.


The Momentum Group is committed to environmental stewardship and believe it is their responsibility to take care of our natural resources to ensure that they are available for current and future generations. Investing in the research and development necessary to innovate industry-first products, source environmentally responsible materials and continue advancing the commercial textiles industry is paramount.

Momentum Groups’ portfolio of fabrics is GREENGUARD Certified. GREENGUARD certified products have low individual VOC levels, formaldehyde, respirable particles, ozone, and other pollutants. Certified products do not emit harmful levels of indoor air contaminants.

Other products in the range include environmentally-friendly silica, Naked Nylon® and recycled fibres that are made using less energy, less water consumption and produce less greenhouse gas emissions. Partnering with Unifi brings a recycled polyester supply chain with certifiable quality to the international market.

(Source: Momentum. Read more about their commitment to the environment here)

How To Order Momentum Textiles & Wall Covering

The Momentum collection is vast and whilst you can find some of the collection online, we also equip our fabulous Design Studios with the collections. With one in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand you can book an appointment and enjoy one-on-one service, view the collections and order samples for your project. It is well worth a visit!