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Grace Garrett has worked in the design industry for over twenty years, including graphic design, fashion and interiors. With a dynamic, modern and bold style, her collections are inspired by travels and the journey of life experience.

We are excited to collaborate with Grace on her new ‘Coastal Indulgence’ collection – available on various high performance base cloths and wall vinyl substrates.

If you have existing Grace Garrett designs you have been working with we can also help with those enquiries.

Grace Garrett’s ‘Coastal Indulgence’ collection celebrates biomorphic forms and patterns that are a symbolic reference to contoured, patterned, textured forms that we see in our coastal environment and sea life. Read all about it, in Grace’s words, over on the blog.

Exploring The Coast & Its Colours

Coastal Indulgence

See Grace’s New Collection

A collection exploring the coast and its colours using biomorphic patterns and forms, proven to reduce stress due to induced shift in focus. Bring a little piece of the ocean into your next project!

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