Textile Wall Covering

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Cleaning Guide

Cleaning instructions for our Textile Wall Covering and Crypton Wall collections.


Fabric wallcovering is easy to clean. Depending upon the extent of soilage, use traditional cleaning methods; i.e. washing, wiping, vacuuming.

If promptly treated, most indelible stains can be removed by using mild detergent as well as Crypton® Care Cleaners or Clorox Green Works™ cleaners.

Cleaning With Bleach

Our high performance woven wall coverings may be cleaned with bleach solutions as outlined by the CDC recommendations for disinfecting walls.

The Center for Disease Control recommends a 2% bleach to 98% water mixture. We’ve tested our products with a 10% bleach to 90% water mixture without any damage.

Clean & Disinfect

  1. Make sure fabric is dry and has been vacuumed.
  2. Allow proper ventilation during and after application.
  3. Prepare a 10% bleach solution in water.
  4. Make sure floor and trim are covered or taped.
  5. Apply the cleaning solution using a misting spray bottle. Solution will absorb into the woven fabric.
  6. Allow cleaning solution to linger on the fabric for at least 1 minute.
  7. Wipe fabric thoroughly to remove residual cleaning solution.
  8. Wear disposable or washable gloves.
  9. Allow fabric wall covering to air dry.
  10. Repeat process as necessary.

For best results, it is recommended that a qualified textile wall covering installer be employed.

Date: September 2022