Furnishing Solutions For Educational Facilities

The environment in which learning takes place, greatly effects outcomes.
Acoustics, aesthetics, light control and seating comfort all play a part in the process.

Modernising Education Design

Materialised understands the delicate balance between the functionality, design and innovation needed for both students and educators to thrive. That’s why we offer a versatile collection of furnishing textiles, wall covering and roller blind fabrics to help you create the ideal space for a meaningful learning environment in childcare, schools, colleges, and Universities.

Innovative & Sustainable

Our goal is to elevate the learning experience by lifting the space where it takes place. From furnishing textiles that are free from harmful chemicals and zero-to-low fluorocarbon finishes to durable wall covering and acoustics, we create innovative products that enhance connections, engagement, and collaboration – safely and sustainably.


Julian Treasure, in his Ted Talk “Why Architects need to use their ears” describes the effect of poor acoustics in the learning process in a colourful way. Materialised has all of the ingredients to deliver attractive, comfortable and durable product to make the learning experience the best it can be. We help enhance education design, resulting in quieter learning facilities for better academic performance, reduced stress, improved student behaviour, and increased productivity.

Product Collections

Materialised has been part of many projects in the education sector including childcare, college / student accommodation, schools and University projects. Have a browse of some of our collections perfect for the furnishing requirements of education facilities…

Education design products
See our curated collection of commercial fabric, wall covering and acoustic products for education projects.
clean vinyl faux leather, educational design Materialised

Clean Vinyl


Clean Vinyl is a category of phthalate-free, faux leather upholstery that is sustainable, high-performance and available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Crypton, educational design Materialised



Beautiful, cleanable performance fabric. Impeccably designed and sustainably made with permanent stain, spill and odour resistance and EPA-approved disinfectability.

acoustic walls, educational design Materialised

Acoustic Walls


Made from recycled bottles, Nufelt acoustic wall covering offers the high-end look of wool felt ideal for wall covering, screens and pinboards.

Silicone faux leather educational design



Silicone is made from sand naturally occurring in the environment, with sustainability and performance attributes important to the contract textile industry.

Indigenous prints, educational design Materialised

Indigenous Prints


Browse our collection of Aboriginal designs that are digitally printed on commercial-grade fabric and wall covering in Sydney.

wall murals, educational design Materialised

Wall Murals


Printed on a choice of substrates, our mural collection is custom-sized to suit your educational space. You can even provide your own graphics.

Materialised Education Case Studies