Digitally Printed Fabric

Digitally printed fabric and our state-of-the-art print facility in Sydney is what Materialised is renowned for. From subtle textures to bold patterns, we print on demand for contract furnishing projects, meaning no speculation, no wastage!

So what exactly is digitally printed fabric and how do you start the selection process? Let’s take a look at the key elements…

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How To Select Your Digitally Printed Fabric

  1. What is your application? Upholstery, curtains, top of bed… Think about how your design will be used and browse the base cloth categories.
  2. Then consider what is important for your base cloth… rub rate, sustainable attributes, texture, waterproof backing…
  3. When you understand your base cloths, choose your print. Go to the digital print library and use the filters in the sidebar to search according to designer, colour, or style.
  4. Bear in mind that the same print can look quite different depending on the chosen base cloth. This is why we recommend ordering samples. Simply log in or sign up for a trade account online, or contact your Project Sales Manager for assistance. You might prefer to make an appointment at one of our beautiful Design Studios and see our collections there. You can book an appointment using our web form for your local studio.

Our digital print library houses thousands of designs by Materialised designers as well as guest designer collaborations. Combine this with the ability to customise in-house for large commercial projects and we can, quite simply, find a design solution for anything!

Digitally Printed Fabric Collections

You can browse different collections using the filters in the product sidebar, and here are links to popular categories below.

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Hot Off The Press Collections

Hot Off The Press


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Homespun HOTP

Fine Textures


The Digital Printing Process

For digitally printed fabric, first we print the designs onto FSC Certified transfer paper using OEKO-PASSPORT Certified inks.

Then we move to the dye sublimation process where the design is heat transferred ‘into’ the fabric. And if you’ve ever wondered just how durable this is, see the results of when we tested some digital prints in our lab.

P/Kaufmann’s Polyphonic Shadow. Same design, different textile base cloths…

Digital Printing Expertise

Our printing expertise goes hand-in-hand with expert guidance on how to select fabrics for your project. If you need assistance, get in touch with our Customer Success team who can guide you, or connect you with your local Project Sales Manager for your project.