Wall Vinyl Mildew Resistance

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When mildew becomes a problem in a wall covering installation, it can lead to wasted time and needless costs for removal and replacement.

Our wall coverings help protect against mildew growth. An antimicrobial agent added in the production process ensures that, when properly installed, the wall coverings will not experience any of the problems associated with surface fungal growth, and that means no needless replacement. No needless costs. No needless disruption of the working environment. The walls are protected so that you are.

All of the wall coverings contain mildew and staph- resistant additives in the vinyl and plastisol. This provides the wall covering with resistance to the growth of mildew and bacteria, including mould, fungi, pink stain and black fungal stain.

All wall coverings have been tested and comply with paragraph 3.6 “Mildew Resistance” of CCC-W-408D and paragraph 7.18 “Mildew Resistance” of ASTM F793, Standard Classification of Wall covering by “Durability Characteristics.”

The test method used in these specifications is ASTM G21, Recommended Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi.

A description of ASTM-G21 is as follows: The samples are placed on (non-nutrient) mineral salts agar and inoculated with a mixed fungal spore suspension of:

  • Aspergillus Niger ATCC 9642
  • Penicillium Funiculosum ATCC 9644
  • Chaetomium Globosum ATCC 6205
  • Aureobasidium Pollulans ATCC 9348
  • Trichoderma Sp. ATCC 9645

After 28 days of incubation at 280 C, antifungal is evaluated by visually rating the degree of fungal growth on the samples. The ASTM rating is:

wall vinyl mildew test

The specifications listed require a 0 or 1 ASTM Rating.

MS, SB and SR use the ASTM G21 method received a rating of 0. This means there was no surface fungal growth on the tested samples.

The microbal resistance of the wall coverings was tested at the labs of the Ventron Corporation. Tests were performed for resistance to Staphylococcus Aureus, Streploverticillium Reticulum (pink staining) and Mixed Fungal Spore ASTM G21. The results were as follows:

wall vinyl mildew tests

The number ahead of the slash mark (/) is the zone of inhibition in mm. A=no growth in contact area, B=no stain and C=no growth.

The ratings indicate that the sample tested has no growth in the contact areas nor evidence of pink staining.

wall vinyl mildew tests
These photos show Materialised wall covering samples after incubation tests.
wall vinyl mildew tests
These photos show selected major wall covering supplier samples after the same tests.