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We are proud to launch a collection of high-performance fabric and wall covering designs by Walmatjarri Aboriginal artist, Jimmy Pike (1940-2002)

Taking flora and fauna inspiration unique to his Australian desert life, Jimmy Pike utilised whatever medium he needed to express his stories in his art, and not necessarily traditional ones. Lino printing was a favourite medium and he had a passion for the vibrancy of texta pens.

Having been sent photos and scans of Jimmy’s artwork, our Materialised designers were able to translate his art into repeatable prints for contemporary textile and wall coverings.

Rekindling a collection of designs by such an artist as Jimmy, by arguably the most innovative furnishing house in Australasia, is a powerful offering for the interior design world!

Jimmy Pike
Textiles & Wall Covering

From the deserts of Western Australia this man has transcended cultures and technologies amazingly and seamlessly, all the way to the digital era.

Jimmy Pike Collection

Furnishing Textiles & Wall Covering

This “desert goes digital” collection offers a contemporary interpretation of an amazing, timeless range of designs on modern high-quality fabrics and wall coverings from an iconic indigenous artist.