Specialising in hospitality design, Luchetti Krelle’s environments harness atmospheric narratives in compelling ways. Renowned for their hybrid collaborations with a wide array of local and international artists plus skilled artisans to achieve highly customised outcomes, their projects – ranging from hotels to restaurants, bars, and café’s – are aligned via their sense of theatre and timeless relevance rather than an instantly identifiable house style.

Founded in 2008 by Rachel Luchetti and Stuart Krelle, and based in Sydney, it operates globally with a portfolio of over 100 projects spanning Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

hospitality design
55 North, Manly Pacific Hotel, designed by Luchetti Krelle. Styled by Olga Lewis. Photography © Tom Ferguson

Hospitality Design – The Brief

Regarding the re-appointment of the Manly Pacific Hotel’s bar and neighbouring lounges, Rachel Luchetti, Principal/Creative Director at Luchetti Krelle provides an insight into the brief… “Given the hotel’s vast all-white foyer is stylistically minimalistic, we were tasked with enlivening and cosying the adjacent rectangular footprint housing a rear gaming room, a centralised bar, plus a stark under-utilised guest seating area facing the ocean.”

“We re-designed the central bar, also adding additional seating arrangements, and created two adjoining lounge rooms for hotel guests to also frequent during daytime to treat like an extension of their home. These spaces were closed off from the lobby, so we devised latticed screens to partially separate the main bar, but equally pique interest about what’s behind them. Within the lobby, we also integrated a cosy lounge setting with a fireplace.”

hospitality design
55 North, Manly Pacific Hotel, designed by Luchetti Krelle. Styled by Olga Lewis. Photography © Tom Ferguson

“I guess you could say a ‘loose’ luxury defines our approach to the re-appointment of the spaces especially as the hotel faces on of Sydney’s iconic beaches. Layered textures, spiced tonal triggers and punchy patterns were selected to energise the drinking spaces prioritising home comforts with offerings ranging from private banquette nooks through to highly sociable settings. Overall, there’s quite an autumnal palette which is the antithesis to most ocean-side hospitality colour schemes which makes it inviting all year.”

Materialised Products

“As a design studio we are interested in how we can weave art through our designs in ways that are less conventional, and the Jimmy Pike designs allowed us to deepen our exploration of indigenous art within the design narrative in unexpected ways,” says Luchetti. “Although the design feels quite international, the art integration is local.”

Jimmy Pike indigenous fabrics hospitality design
Sand Dune Desert Oaks, Sand Dunes Grevillea and Wildflowers Starry Night all by Jimmy Pike and printed on Crypton George Parchment (shown unprinted at base of image)

The chosen base cloth for the print was Crypton George Parchment, a durable, textured velvet featuring a waterproof backing. Similar to the popular luxe velvet Palermo, it has the addition of Crypton fabric intelligence for a full waterproof barrier. 

“The Materialised team were incredibly helpful and accommodating from the get-go in terms of assistance when selecting the fabric through to ensuring delivery deadlines were met.” – Rachel Luchetti.

The Result

“Hospitality design is about making people feel welcome, relaxed, and confident. So ‘less noticeable’ elements drove our process rather than focusing upon ‘wow’ features,” says Luchetti. “We really considered the comfort of all the upholstered seating and cushions so guests could really settle in. Even the fireplace heaths are a nice low level, like you’d find in a home. With the same design team unifying all the bar and lounge areas, the settings enable ease of flow, encouraging guests to utilise all.”

The Team & Credits

Project: 55 North, Manly Pacific Hotel
Interior design: Rachel Luchetti, Luchetti Krelle.
Builder: JLL
Custom Upholstery: Couch Designs
Photographer: Tom Ferguson
Editorial styling: Olga Lewis
Materialised Team: NSW