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The Brief.

A little while ago, Materialised had the pleasure of working with the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre who had contacted the office seeking a solution for unwanted noise levels in their generous gallery space.

After a tailored consultation process and the successful installation of hundreds of square meters of Whisper Walls®, a letter arrived that we just had to share…

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The Result

We recently employed the services of Materialised to design and install an acoustic treatment for our main gallery space at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba. Craig, Matt and the team did an amazing job with a lot of the fabrication and problem solving done on site. The Materialised team took just over a week to install nearly 400 square metres of acoustic insulation and fabric overlay.

Our gallery space is now a world class facility with the noise, echo and reverb reduced to within a normal and workable range. The Materialised team are professional, tidy and attentive to their clients’ needs. The acoustic solution Materialised offered really works and we would highly recommend their product and service to anyone.
James Culkin, Exhibitions and Technical Support Officer – Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, October 2013

Don’t words like these just make all the hard work worthwhile? Here’s to many more happy customers!

The Team & Credits

Build: Richard Crookes Constructions