Health facility design at its best, The George Centre is a brand new specialised private maternity & surgical hospital in Gledswood Hill, Sydney, with 10,000m2 of floor space. The new build was completed in July 2023.

One of the most innovative health facilities in Sydney, the 57-bed private hospital boasts 2 endoscopy suites, 5 operating theatres and a 26-bed maternity unit with 4 ultra-modern birthing suites and a special care nursery.

The George Centre
The George maternity hospital design
The George Centre, custom printed blinds
Custom children’s design printed on Good Day for roller blinds by Reilly & Associates

Health Facility Design

Well-thought-out health facility design plays a crucial role in promoting positive outcomes for patients, staff, and visitors alike, for the following reasons:

  • Patient comfort and wellbeing
  • Efficient workflow
  • Infection control
  • Accessibility and inclusivity
  • Staff satisfaction and productivity
  • Technology integration
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Community engagement
The George, maternity suite design
The George Centre, printed roller blinds and privacy screen
P/Kaufmann Sakura in custom colour printed on Good Day, with our non-disposable cubicle screen fabric

A well-designed health facility can significantly enhance the comfort and wellbeing of patients. Comfortable waiting areas, soothing colour schemes, ample natural light, and access to nature can all contribute to a calming atmosphere, reducing stress and anxiety among patients. This is accomplished with the help of interior design that includes subtle prints and even custom colours to fit the design brief.

Materialised Product

Circulon Ocean, non-disposable cubicle screen fabric.
Custom children’s design on Good Day, translucent blind fabric.
P/Kaufmann Sakura in a custom colour, printed on Good Day translucent blind fabric.
Materialised artwork printed on Good Night blackout blind fabric.

The George Centre, non-disposable cubicle screen fabric
Circulon, non-disposable cubicle screen fabric
The George Centre, custom childrens blinds
The George Centre, custom translucent blinds

Health facility design of this calibre has far-reaching implications for patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, operational efficiency, and community engagement. By prioritising elements such as patient comfort through a well-designed space, the environment supports healing, promotes wellbeing, and delivers high-quality care to all individuals.

The George Centre, custom printed blinds, health facility design
Custom children’s design printed on Good Day for roller blinds by REILLYS

The Team & Credits

  • Architect: Anthony Vavayis + Associates
  • Client: Hermitage Healthcare
  • Construction: Buildcorp
  • Blinds and screens manufacturer: REILLYS and Vertilux
  • Photographer: Saidie Creative
  • Materialised Team: NSW