Antimicrobial properties are more important than ever and were a key selection for the upholstery in the multi-disciplinary Somerset Private Hospital in Penrith.

The Brief

Working with the Crown Furniture team, the brief was to create a comfortable, functional space that reflected the hospital’s mission and branding. 

Somerset Private Hospital, Materialised WeaveUp designs
Somerset Private Hospital, Materialised and Crown Furniture
Somerset Private Hospital, Materialised and WeaveUp

“It was essential that the design reflected the company’s logo, graphics and patterns,” explains Philip Lee, Project Consultant for Crown Furniture. “To achieve this, we partnered with Materialised to design custom fabrics that were then used throughout the facility.”

Materialised Product

The perfect way to create such customisation was by using our WeaveUp design tool. Our Queensland team incorporated their corporate colours into each design, resulting in a fresh palette and on-brand look. The featured WeaveUp designs are (from left)

  • Wombarra Stripe Cre8
  • Materialised Texture Cre8
  • Beads Cre8
  • Molokai Cre8
  • Square Illusion
Custom WeaveUp designs
Somerset Private Hospital, antimicrobial fabric

We printed onto Zircon Ayre, a dry-look base cloth with waterproof backing, woven and finished in Australia with HealthGuard® antimicrobial finish.

Antimicrobial Properties

HealthGuard® is a concentrated antimicrobial fabric finish especially formulated for use in the textile industry, to protect a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast, mould and algae.

WeaveUp antimicrobial fabric, Crown Furniture
WeaveUp antimicrobial fabric, Crown Furniture

In addition to using antimicrobial fabric, Crown furniture also features an antimicrobial lacquer, meaning these are a robust, functional solution for hospital patients and staff.

The Team & Credits