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What is WeaveUp

Materialised powered by WeaveUp is a tool to choose, customise and create thousands of print textiles.

A web-based design library hosting tens of thousands of designs from textile designers and artists around the world. WeaveUp offers direct access to the design community, the designers and their designs.

WeaveUp enables you to shop the extensive library, ‘Tack’ patterns to your boards, and customise designs on your computer or iPad, allowing creativity wherever inspiration strikes and furthermore, share via email Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter.

WeaveUp enables an easy to access, streamlined process with the option to manipulate colour, scale and repeat.  Once you have selected a design, manipulated the scale, repeat and colour, you can request a printed sample by placing an order online.  Your sample will be printed on your selected base cloth and dispatched within days. It’s that easy!

Fabric performance is high spec. contract quality as you would expect from Materialised, with over 40 variations of print base cloths from which to choose, including sheers, drapery and upholstery.

There is no minimum order requirement for prints through WeaveUp.


How it Works

After you  select your design, personalise the colour, repeat, and scale; that pattern WeaveUp communicates directly to the Materialised digital textile printers in our Sydney based print facility to create the sample. You can play with colour on screen, or for more precise colour, can select from the Materialised Huesteria™ colour palette and input LAB values manually.

Dye Sublimation delivers vivid, saturated colour and design in exceptional detail. It doesn’t affect the hand, washability or FR performance. Anything less wouldn’t meet our standards – or yours.

Because orders are printed on demand, only the amount of fabric, dye and electricity required is used. It also eliminates minimums and makes custom fabrics affordable.


Creative Opportunities

In addition to sampling designs created by others, you can upload your original surface designs to WeaveUp. Customers from around the world will have the ability to purchase your original patterns, and, as an artist, you will earn commissions when your design has been purchased.

Don’t follow trends!  Create them!


Extensive Base Cloth Options

Materialised knows how important it is to start a project with great fabric. That’s why we source base cloths from the world’s finest mills and proudly, wherever possible, from Australia.

Each fabric has passed an array of industry compliant commercial grade tests for strength, washing, abrasion and flammability.

Quality fabric extends the life of your project by years, reducing waste and therefore adding long term value for your client.

Using our Dye Sublimation process, your design is applied by ‘dry dying’ the face of the fabric by heat and pressure, producing vibrant colour and life long durability.

If you have a question on fabric suitability, pricing or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact your sales rep, email us at: sales@materialised.com or visit your local Materialised office.


Colour Matching in WeaveUp

Our Huesteria™ colour palette matching system gives the best range of colours achievable and calibrated to our print environment. Select the  colour from your Huesteria™ colour chart – available in small and large sizes – and input the LAB value into WeaveUp to achieve an effortless colour match. Alternatively, you can use the Huesteria™ colour wheel on the screen.

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