WeaveUp Digital Design Lab


WeaveUp Update – January 2024

Always the innovator, we launched a digital design tool called WeaveUp to the Australasian interior design market in 2016.

Whilst WeaveUp has enabled endless custom fabric projects for designers over the years, we can no longer guarantee the continuity of the platform and so have decided to remove the WeaveUp offering from our product suite.

WeaveUp Closure – What’s Next?

With the increasingly fast-paced development of new technologies, research of emerging tech is where our focus is in our endeavour to provide you with the latest tools you need as a designer in the contract furnishings market.

Your Questions, Answered

Are you working on a project with an existing WeaveUp design? 
Contact us and we can check if the design file is still available. We can help with an alternative if needed.

Need help with alternative print options?
Contact us and we can help find an alternative.

Can you still register for a new WeaveUp account?
No, we can not accept any new registrations.

Can you still login?
We have removed the login pages and links from our website and so we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. As the WeaveUp platform is being phased out there will be better solutions available for your future projects.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions at all, please contact your sales rep, email us at sales@materialised.com or call the Customer Success team on +61 2 8558 3500.