Corner Guards G800 Series Installation

Installation Guide – Surface Adhered Corner Guards

Instructions for the installation of our G875 and G815 Corner Guards.

Corner Guards are an economical yet durable option for corner protection. Easily installed, these guards are 1.98mm thick vinyl with 19.1mm (G875) or 38.1mm wings (G815). The wings are tapered back, providing a finished look to any installation.

All protective products colour-coordinate with our Hard Knocks wall covering for a systems approach to wall protection.

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G800 series corner guard installation

Surface Adhered Corner Guard

Warning: Surface Adhered Corner Guards may not adhere properly at installation due to a variety of field conditions beyond our control. Materialised accepts no liability, nor expresses or implies any warranty regarding the effectiveness of the application/installation of these products. We recommend a trial installation to determine the general effectiveness, although adhesion problems with individual Corner Guards may still occur.

1. Locate and install Corner Guards in accordance with architectural drawings and specifications.

2. Lay out work to be completed at the base of the substrate. Check the material for any damage that may have occurred during shipment and/or handling at job site.

3. Prior to installation, allow Corner Guards to reach room temperature. Inspect wall corners to confirm sound construction and repair if necessary. Thoroughly clean wall surfaces to assure proper Corner Guard adhesion. CAUTION: Other cleaning agents may damage certain types of wall finishes.

4. If the wall surface is unusual in composition and/
or texture or exhibits other characteristics that may jeopardise the effectiveness of the installation method, please contact your distributor or manufacturer for recommendations before proceeding with installation.

5. Dry-fit the Corner Guard to the wall corner to ensure proper height and fit.

6. Corner Guards are provided in specified heights without factory-applied adhesive backing. Use only contact adhesive, Loctite PL 200 Construction Adhesive, or Liquid Nails Tub Surrounds & Shower Walls Adhesive and follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures.

7. Holding the Corner Guard at an angle, carefully place and seat its bottom end against the corner at the proper location. Using care, fit the Corner Guard to the corner, progressing from bottom to top, applying pressure with fingers and palm to assure that it is seated precisely on the corner. If Corner Guards are full height, it is best that two people perform this operation.

Note: Repositioning after contact is detrimental to the adhesive bond.

9. After placement, inspect the Corner Guard from top to bottom to confirm proper fit and surface contact. Using a high-pressure roller, firmly and thoroughly roll both wings of the Corner Guard to assure full and complete adhesion.

10. Wipe down installed Corner Guard with soap and water to remove any dirt or grime.

If there are any questions, please get in touch with Materialised.

Date: March 2023