Commercial Window Covering

Window covering plays a crucial role in enhancing aesthetics, controlling light, ensuring privacy, and even providing insulation and soundproofing. From traditional curtain fabric to modern roller blind fabric and decorative window films, there’s a plethora of options available.

Materialised has serviced the contract furnishings industry since 1980 and is renowned for innovative and extensive fire retardant collections for architects, interior designers, curtain manufacturers, blind manufacturers, specifiers and contractors.

From sleek roller blinds and sophisticated draperies, the options are diverse, catering to various design preferences and functional requirements.

Digitally Printed Window Covering

Thousands of patterns, textures and colour options are housed in our print library, digitally printed onto window covering base substrates at our print facility in Sydney Australia.

Woven Curtain Fabric

From cost-effective sheers to lustrous striae sateen, our range of woven curtain fabrics elevate the mood of any space.

Acoustic Curtain Fabric

Beautiful and functional, the story behind our acoustic curtain fabric development journey is a must-read.

Acoustic Roller Blind Fabric

Our range of acoustic blind fabric boasts a combination of attributes previously unavailable for commercial spaces.

Printable Roller Blind Fabric

We can digitally print any designs from our print library onto printable roller blind fabric.

Decorative Window Film

Unlock infinite design possibilities with our self-adhesive decorative window films, offered in a clear or frosted option.

Curtain manufacturers prioritise the quality materials and innovative designs from Materialised, to ensure that commercial grade window coverings not only enhance the ambiance of a space but also contribute to its overall functionality and efficiency.

Interior designers rely on these solutions to elevate the aesthetics and practicality of commercial environments, creating inviting and comfortable spaces for occupants and visitors alike.

Contract Furnishing Markets

Commercial grade window coverings are a cornerstone of interior design in commercial, healthcare, hospitality, workplace and education spaces, offering functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our window covering options are meticulously tested to withstand the rigours of high-traffic environments while providing privacy, light control, and insulation.

Commercial Window Covering Solutions

Window covering fabrics and products play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of interior spaces. Whether you opt for traditional curtains, modern roller blinds, acoustic window coverings, or innovative window films, there’s a solution to suit every style and requirement.

By understanding the characteristics, uses, and benefits of different types of window coverings, you can make informed decisions to create comfortable, stylish, and functional environments in your space.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements, order samples, or book an appointment at your local Materialised Design Studio with one of our Project Sales Managers.

Materialised Window Covering Projects