Acoustic Walls

Florence Broadhurst acoustic art

In 2009 a highly respected Acoustic Engineer, Peter Knowland, announced, “Materialised has delivered a truce in the war between Acousticians and Designers.”

Why? Because prior to the launch of our acoustic wall panelling system, the usual acoustic solution offering available to designers was, plain ugly!


So, what acoustic wall solutions are available for interior designers and acousticians today? Materialised offers a suite of products that address aesthetics and function with acoustic art, acoustic pinboards and acoustic wall covering that are perfect in spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, theatres, restaurants, libraries, classrooms, sport halls and auditoriums.

Acoustic art, WhisperArt

Acoustic Art

WhisperArt® is fabric-covered acoustic art perfect for areas where noise negatively affects the soundscape, while adding a visual dimension to the space.

Acoustic wall, acoustic pinboard, WhisperPin

Acoustic Pinboard

Each WhisperPin® panel is constructed with a patented rigid polymer frame extrusion, allowing you to recycle the framework while changing the fabric ‘skin’ if a change of decoration is required.

acoustic walls, wall covering

Acoustic Wall Covering

A selection of acoustic wall covering sold by the lineal metre, some boasting exceptional sustainable attributes for the design of your wall space.

Acoustic Walls: Pinboard & Art

The rationale behind the launch of our acoustic pinboards and art was twofold:

  • Its acoustic solution.
  • Aesthetics, as a means of meeting the re-emerging trend of upholstering walls, especially in 5 star hotels.

Made In Sydney

We supply and print onto the fabric that is stretched over the tracking and acoustic absorber at our headquarters in Sydney. Our talented team of in-house designers and vast print library offer you an infinite array of image, texture, and colour options are available to please the ear and eye.

There are no standard or pre-fabricated panels as they are all custom made to suit your project. Acoustic art and pin are all manufactured in-house and we assemble and install acoustic wall and ceiling panels onsite with our team of experienced installers.

Acoustic art black frame
Acoustic art oak frame

Acoustic Absorbers – Certified Sustainable

The acoustic absorbers used in our acoustic art are Global GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified and have a Global GreenTag HealthRATE Platinum Certification.

NRC Explained

To quantify our product as a commercial acoustic solution, each is tested and awarded an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating. The NRC relates to the absorption effectiveness of the material, and is calculated by averaging how absorptive a material is at four different frequencies.

Our WhisperArt is tested at 125hz, 250hz, 500hz, 1,000hz, 2,000hz and 4,000hz. Taking the average number, it is then applied to the NRC scale of 0 to 1. A perfectly sound absorptive material achieves a 1, whereas a 0 indicates no absorption.

Acoustic Wall Covering

We have also added an exciting collection of acoustic wall covering to our range, sold by the lineal metre. Many of these products boast sustainable compositions such as Nufelt below which is made of 100% recycled bottles.

Nufelt Wishful Thinking
ACOUSTIC WALL COVERING – concept space featuring Nufelt Wishful Thinking

Acoustic Walls Design History

Often, we find ourselves in spaces with poor acoustics, thanks to open plan design with fewer walls, vast ceilings, expanses of concrete and large windows. But the issue is not a new phenomenon.

The first open plan office was designed by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Larkin Building in New York opened in 1906 and pioneered innovations such as air conditioning and open plan office design with limited walls. And then there are purpose-built acoustic spaces such as auditoriums, the acoustic science of which dates to Ancient Greece with their tiered amphitheatres.

So if you’re looking for functional, beautiful acoustic wall solutions and an exceptional team in Sydney to help manage the design, get in touch to let us know more about your project requirements.