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Acoustic Art

Noise and sound that isn’t managed properly interferes with task performance, enjoyment of a space, speech intelligibility, behaviour, and can be a stress inducer.

This unwanted noise can disrupt the work flow in an office space, interrupt relaxation at a hotel or restaurant, intrude on patients recovering in hospital, and disturb people living in aged care facilities. Our WhisperArt® acoustic art delivers an effective, affordable and adjustable acoustic solution – perfect for any area where noise negatively effects the soundscape – while adding a visual dimension to the space.

WhisperArt® is an effective and adjustable acoustic solution perfect for areas where noise can negatively affect the sound environment. They can be applied to any space requiring noise reduction and sound treatment.

All Acoustic Art systems are designed to securely hold fabric without the use of adhesives, nails, tacks or tape. This allows you to recycle the framework while changing the fabric ‘skin’ if it is damaged or a change of decoration is required. The system allows for the precise matching of both patterns and repeat at all seam locations if using multiple panels.
We understand that every space is unique, therefore our custom design options allow for an almost unlimited choice of design and colour, or you may choose to use your own images.

Can’t decide what images to use? Materialised makes choosing the perfect image as easy as possible through our extensive Image Library. The library provides an extensive collection of designs ranging from abstract, landscapes, photographic and botanicals that suit any project. We also offer a high quality shadow frame in a choice of three finishes.

Each panel is produced to specification, so we can create any size requested. However, transportation of the panels must be considered. The option for oversized pieces to be sectionalised into more manageable sizes is available.
Each WhisperArt® panel is constructed with a robust PVC tracking system that contains an acoustic polyester infill, which is the sound absorber. The sound waves pass through the outer skin of fabric, through to the infill where the sound energy is absorbed. The foam is made of thermally bonded polyester fibre specifically designed for noise reduction. The sheet of core material is porous so as to absorb sound vibration.

WITHOUT FRAME: 45mm square panel end cap.
WITH FRAME: 55mm frame depth.

Split batten (Z-clip): 3 panels/stick.
25mm Core: (2.88m2/sheet)
Corners: 4/panel.

Thickness: 25mm
Weight: 2300gsm
NRC: 0.85
Constructed from 100% polyester fibres and thermally bonded to form the structure of the panel.

NCC Specification C1.10-4 Fire Hazard Properties.
ISO 9705 Fire Test – full scale room test for surface products.
Group Number: Group 1.
Smoke Growth Rate: Less than 100.
NCC Classification: Group 1.

Each of our panels is faced with acoustic, flame retardant fabric that has a modified weave, allowing air to freely pass through it. This fabric passes the acoustic ‘blow test’ successfully whilst maintaining printed colour beautifully. We recommend their use after confirming acoustic transparency and stretchability through rigorous testing and years of experience.
Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems, without chemical binders and using minimum 60% already recycled polyester fibre (from PET plastic)

Each panel is reinforced with four corner inserts that are screwed into the track profile. One half of the split batten (set clip) used to hang the panel is attached to the track profile while the other half is screwed onto the wall.

Each panel is wrapped tight with acoustic fabric and tucked into the appropriate groove in the track profile. 100mm of bleed is used for tucking the fabric and for proper alignment of artwork.
WhisperArt® is supplied fully assembled and ready to hang, just like normal artwork. Installation is simple and is done using a plastic or aluminium split batten (z-clip) connecting to the panel’s track profile.

The split batten is screwed to the wall and the panel easily slots into place. The split batten system is included with the finished panels along with installation instructions for hanging. Location must be measured precisely because split batten installations requires holes to be drilled into the wall.
Whisper Art
Whisper Art With Frame

Materialised manufactures acoustic art in-house. This commitment to quality is defining the new standard for design flexibility, acoustical performance and value. For more information, please contact us on: +61 (0)2 8558 3500 or email us at

WhisperArt Gallery

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